Re: Does our governmet still represent and serve State Citizens???

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Posted by MARTIN on September 04, 1998 at 13:13:28:

In Reply to: Re: Does our governmet still represent and serve State Citizens??? posted by MARTIN on September 02, 1998 at 11:45:46:

: : I read the artical "State Citizens Cannot Vote", found on this web site, a while back and after reading some other documents was drawn back to it for more information, and out of it I was able reason out what could be a PROBLEM.

: : Now if I am off base here let me know but I think this point may need a little consideration.

: : If State Citizens cannot vote but federal citizens can would this not mean that at present all elected officials of the federal, state, and local (county, city) governments are actually repesenting and serving federal citizens and not State Citizens. That means a county sheriff, being elected by federal citizen, should only be allowed to have jurisdiction over federal citizens. And the similar would apply to judges also elected by federal citizens would make it were that judges can only oversee cases of federal citizens or those who are willing to submit them selves to federal regulatory statutes. And again "representatives" in our federal and state Houses of Representatives are elected by federal citizen and so they write regulator statutes to govern federal citizens/subjects.

: : Now if our whole system is, now, established for federal citizens. Where is the government for State Citizens. If I am not mistaken there is no present standing governing body for State Citizens. Or to clarify State Citizen have not voted for representatives since sortly after the Civil War.

: : If the reasoning I just layed out, is not to far into outer space, it raises whole lot of other questions. Such as who do we appeal to for rederess of grievances, or for civil disputes, or to protect us from those seeking to do us harm. I am sure if what I just layed out holds even a drop of water there could be several other questions or problems one could come up with.

: : All thoughts, comments, and critizism on this matter are welcome because I really have no real evidence to prove my point other than what is written in the document "State Citizens Cannot Vote". I sure hope I am able to ster up some construtive though on this. We may need to look at some things in a different light now.

: : A fellow laborer in the work,
: : Shane Hanson

: No States, no State citizens!
: No voluntary assemblies under parliamentary law of the "over 21 white males with their taxes paid" type States have existed since the so-called RECONTRUCTION ACTS took were enforced.

If you claim to be a State Citizen where is your elected government, where is your State military,
Militia organized under the U.S. code are federal militia answerable to Bill Clinton. "STATE" does not equal "State"! Do you have a federal address?

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