Re: USPS is rooted in Justinians Code law

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Posted by MARTIN on September 05, 1998 at 16:12:55:

In Reply to: USPS is rooted in federal municipal authority posted by Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S. on September 05, 1998 at 13:48:16:

RE:The USPS, and the U.S. Post Office, are not
one and the same.
No kidding!
The U.S. can do anything it wants to do as long it's political power structure is maintained and the people are not alarmed.
There are no several states. No party to the We the People constitution exists.
There are no courts of law, only LEGAL FICTION COURTS OF NECESSITY operating under the doctrine of necessity under the military authority of the commander-in-chief.
You have a federal address and you are accepting benifits from the federal GOV..
You are in a commercial venue outside that of any geographic area or in your mind voluntary assembly of the people type State.
Novation is not complete until the adult voluntarily assents to being a debtor, by submitting an application for a benefit, privilege, immunity, or opportunity from any branch of a martial law agency.

It does not matter whether it's The dept. of Motor Vehicles or, The Social Security Administration, the effect is the same.
A person is a surety for the debts of the United States, a federal corporation (singular), who has entered into commerce for some benefit, privilege, etc..

One cannot claim to be "sovereign" and still claim benefits from Rome and commerce.

There is no federal common law. The COURTS are not bound by any prior pre-existing decision. FRNs are war script issued under the authority of the Lieber Code just as were the greenbacks of the 1861-65 war.
Lincoln replaced the common law with the only law that was available as a codified whole, i.e., with the codified laws of Rome, by Justinian. (Lieber Code is Roman law)
The new STATES created by the reconstruction acts write their name as The State of California, (instead of California State, or, California Republic) or in all caps (uppercase) as in THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA, instead of proper upper and lowercase letters, and use abbreviations such as CA, TX, MT, KS, NJ, and so on, all of which are misnomers.

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