State or state vs. STATE (all uppercase or abbreviated nom de guerre spelling.

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Posted by MARTIN on September 11, 1998 at 10:07:18:

State or state vs. STATE (all uppercase or abbreviated nom de guerre spelling.

Fictional persona known as the nom deguerre (name of war).

John Allen Doe, as written by a martial law agency becomes; JOHN DOE, John A. Doe or JOHN ALLEN DOE. State or state in the main title becomes STATE or an abbreviation.

The new STATES created by the reconstruction acts write their name as The State of California, (instead of California State, or, California Republic) or in all caps (uppercase) as in THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA, instead of proper upper and lowercase letters, and use abbreviations such as CA, TX, MT, KS, NJ, and so on, all of which are misnomers and literally a name of war (nom de guerre).

Literally, "name of war." For the rules governing it's use, see The California Style Manual, by Robert E. Formichi, published by The California Supreme Court, 1986 Section 196, page 13, "Style of Main Title."


2:1 Law governing format of court papers
The California Rules of Court set forth specific requirements for the physical form of papers to be filed in the municipal and superior courts. [CRC 201, 501, 311, 313, 315] The rules of pleading in justice courts are the same as the rules of pleading in the municipal courts [CCP 422.20], and the municipal court rules also apply to justice courts. [CRC 701] Local court rules frequently prescribe additional requirements for the format of court papers. [See Gov C 68070 (providing that every court may make rules for its own government and the government of its officers as long as those rules are not inconsistent with law or with the rules adopted and prescribed by the Judicial Council); CCP 575.1 (authorizing each superior, municipal, and justice court to promulgate local rules); CCP 575.2 (providing that local rules may provide for the imposition of sanctions against any attorney or party who fails to comply with those rules)] Counsel is advised to consult those local rules before filing any pleadings.
 Practice Note
Counsel is advised to consult the California Style Manual when questions of style arise. Although the California Style Manual has been approved and adopted by the Supreme Court of California as a guide for the courts, the Reporter of Decisions, and the publishers of the Official California Reports and advance sheets, it also may be useful to attorneys and their office staff.

Robert Formichi, California Style Manual: A Handbook of Legal Style for California Courts and Lawyers
This is the "blue book" for California courts. It gives you the rules underlying the citation forms that appear in the official reports. Make the research attorneys that read your briefs happy; use the form of citation that they use in their writing.

California Style Manual : A Handbook of Legal Style for California
by Robert E. Formichi, B. E. California Style Manual Witkin

Paperback 3 Ed edition (March 1986)
California Supreme Court; ISBN: 0936629002

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