Re: When the Civil War end?

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Posted by New Kid on September 12, 1998 at 20:42:46:

In Reply to: When the Civil War ended ... posted by Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S. on September 12, 1998 at 14:36:45:

Paul Andrew Mitchell,

Thank you for your passionate dicta restating your position. However, you failed to respond to the federal ruling in Mrs Alexander's Cotton which came well after Ex parte Merryman and nearly ten years after an end of bloodshed. Remember the Leiber code [General Orders 100] does not require Public Notice of military occupation for martial law to ensue, just the mere presence of troops is the declaration. In Texas, [my nativity] the federal troops remained 'non flagrante bello se nondum cessante bello' for years. To the best of my knowledge, the belligerant occupying army has never left the soil. [These are issues revised under those who are trying to reinstate the Texas Republic. I encourage you to review the martial law constitutional convention directed under and supervised by military order in Texas, after cessation of hostilities.] There never was a treaty of peace signed after the fighting stopped. [See Thaddeus Steven's statement in prior posting].

This is the motis operandi of the Federal Corp. It is perpetuating the same strategum in Europe, Japan, Korea, Phillipines, and Iraq to name a few [and everywhere else the U.S. flag is flown beyond the compound of the U.S. embassy, or the decks of the Navy/Coast Guard.]. Peace ensues de facto, however sovereignty is subjected by the de facto presence of foreign troops on their soil. The troops are not considered mercinaries as they are not being paid by the host country. The American taxpayer foots the bill, and a host of other things via the DOD, IMF, IRS, etc...

Please respond to the new matter raised in my postings.

New Kid

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