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Posted by Two Cities on September 15, 1998 at 11:11:27:

In Reply to: Re: KANSAS maybe not, but where posted by MARTIN on September 14, 1998 at 23:48:27:

What do you make of the following anecdote published
by the State Archives:

"Then in 1908, the Secretary of State, Sam Nichols,
switched the seal so that George Washington faced
the other way. This has been described as a very subtle
practical joke and the change went unnoticed"

: 1878 and 1889 is too late.

In the 1878 document the people reserves the right
to alter and abolish the government they create.

No such thing in the 1889 version.

Now most DRIVER LICENSES around here are countersigned
by the STATE with a replica of the seal. It has the
date 1889 in the emblem. My license has a look alike
with the numerals 1898 in it. I know of one other like
that. The imaging apparatus at the DMV affixes this thing.
The seal is not present when you sign the paper that is
merged with photo and seal. Fancy equipment?

: Look before and after 1861. Like before Lincoln became LINCOLN.

: Also check for Christian date system Years of Our Lord and roman calendar date.

: Like before Lincoln became LINCOLN.

: Some GOV. agencies improperly used proper English grammar in the names they put on a DRIVER LICENSE; I have an old DRIVER LICENSE like this.

: This nom de guerre (name of war) is used pursuant to international law in that a party can not appear in court under his or her proper name in time of war.

: How many people are in trouble or in prison from following Patriot type legal myth?

Is it your position that once in commerce,
always in commerce?
Can a man make a choice whether he wants to
travel for pleasure, or drive his passenger craft
in commerce. Are all commercially licensed vehicles
always in commerce, or are they just licensed to be
allowed to be in commerce? Does the mere existence of
a license determine the nature of use, ordinary or extraordinary?

A guy might just want to not work twenty-four hours a day.

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