Re: Political rights of federal states are franchises, held as privileges

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Posted by djf on September 19, 1998 at 03:59:20:

In Reply to: Re: Political rights of federal states are franchises, held as privileges posted by MARTIN on September 19, 1998 at 03:20:43:

: After 1861 the constitution could not be lawfully ratified.

It does not need to be. It already was. And any person assuming a position of authority, lawfully delegated to him, has sworn an oath. Whether I voted for them or not, that oath binds them to protect my rights. If they choose to violate them, they suffer consequences far greater than I can deal out, as well as those I CAN deal out.

: Have you any thought on lawful vs. legal?

The "Law of the land" versus statutory law. "Color of law" versus the common law. Make no mistake, when the constitution was written, ANY AND ALL references to "trial by jury" meant common law, not equity. Statutory law is voluntary. The principle of self-government means a person (natural) follows his God and strives to be Christian in his actions.

: Great political power depends on the perception of this constitution being lawful. This must extend further than just perception.

The Constitution is indeed Lawful, but the actions of those who are supposed to interpret it have been pretty boorish. Great Justices are as uncommon as great writers or great religious leaders. Time will tell.
: These judges are sworn to uphold and protect the constitution but not abide by a strict interpretation of it.

As many times as decisions quote "The Federalist", you might say they are between a rock and a hard place. Agree with the intent or start dreaming things up.

: You might call it a big political power game.
: The judges like the intent of the constitution but not to the extent of dismantling today's legal or monetary system.

: I would not be responsible for getting any in trouble or prison by preaching that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land.

Perhaps one should be reminded of the fingers and toes left in Valley Forge. Perhaps one should be reminded that a government that feels it can do no wrong puts bullets in womens heads when they are standing nursing their baby. Perhaps one should be reminded that they will deal with impunity against a community of persons living the kind of life they chose in Texas and burn their babies alive.

If not fighting this continuing means I will stay out of prison, then I guess the place for me is prison. I am djf, son of Donald, son of Charles, son of John, Son of James, Son of Jacob, Son of George, Son of George born year of our lord 1761 on the banks of the Hudson River, New York Colony, and I will fight now as my ancestors fought then.

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