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Posted by Two Cities on September 21, 1998 at 21:20:46:

In Reply to: PEACE: AFFIDAVIT/NOTICE posted by Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S. on September 21, 1998 at 20:06:31:

: : "Monroe County" is a fiction, a creation of the mind.

: : "Monroe county" is a place, a geographical subdivision
: : with the name "Monroe".

: This is consistent with our research also.

: "County of Monroe" would be the legal entity
: which employs government personnel such as
: the county sheriff.

If one bothers to look at the "in your face" notices
painted on the sides of bubble topped cruisers, the
language serves notice as they drive up.

: One would make checks payable to the
: "County of Monroe", for example.

Sometimes they want them made out to "COUNTY OF MONROE"

: Your Sheriff is the Sheriff of Monroe county.

I would hold that
"Your Sheriff [a particular one] is the sheriff [a general term]
of Monroe county [defined by location]"
would be the correct way to put it.

the Sheriff equates to the sheriff of Monroe County.
the Sheriff of Monroe County is an enforcer internal
to the fiction.

: "Monroe county" is the common law name for
: all territory which is within the geographic
: jurisdiction of the County of Monroe.

"County of Monroe" has a defined geographic jurisdiction.
"County of Monroe" is also restricted in their jurisdiction
to items or entities of their own creation by statute.

: Counties are disjoint (no overlaps), and they
: never straddle a state line. As such, all
: tracts of land and water within the 50 states
: fall inside one and only one county.

My previous post intended to say that:

flesh can not be born in the "County of ..."
"Births occur there"
and other
"BIRTHS" occur in the "COUNTY"

These instances evidenced by documents launches
the fiction. To be born is selfevident and
requires no further documentation.

The 'voluntary' collection of these documents
commits the fiction to the internal enforcer.
Thus parents deliver their children by filling
out and signing the WORK SHEET for a BIRTH CERTIFICATE.
Beautiful, isn't it?

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