"Learned in law" is not required of federal judges

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Posted by Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S. on September 22, 1998 at 13:14:04:

In Reply to: Re: "Learned in law" is not required of federal judges posted by Scott on September 22, 1998 at 04:13:22:

: What is the status of this case?

Thank you very much, but here we do prefer that
critiques be directed to the merits, or lack
of merits, in the pleadings themselves.

Mr. Knudson was battling with a serious substance
abuse problem, at that time.

He did not understand my mailing instructions,
even after I repeated them 5 times.

After the first round of pleadings was filed,
he simply stopped communicating with me.

I believe his was another contrived case,
as I have come to suspect of so many others.

Pity, really.

Some good things did come out of them, however,
such as the lack of published rules for the
District Court of the United States.

We have a very difficult road ahead of us,
to resurrect the DCUS, but I do believe the
effort will justify itself, in the long run.

I would even be honored to preside on such
a forum, if only for a few key cases.

If you haven't already read it, be sure to
take time to study Dan Meador's latest essay,
discussed elsewhere in this forum. Dan has
come to many of the same conclusions as I.

When DOJ began to appreciate the gravity of
their whole situation, as proven by these and
other pleadings, they simply stopped sending
me contrived cases. In Re Grand Jury Subpoena
made a lot of DOJ people very, very nervous.

The PMRS evidence was causing hair to stand up
on the necks of many prosecutors and judges.
The Anti-Kickback Act applies to IRS "awards"
because they are a trust operating under
contracts with each of the several states.

The one case about which I am absolutely sure,
is Mitchell v. Nordbrock et al., because
I litigated that case to the bitter end.
That was NOT a contrived case.

The ending was bitter, despite a unanimous jury
verdict in my favor, because the losing
attorney stopped payment on the check he
wrote to satisfy the judgment in full

Although it was for exactly the correct
amount, he lied to Bank of America by
telling them his check was for the
"wrong amount." BofA sided with him,
and the Justice Court blocked all attempts
on my part to execute the judgment.

Nevertheless, I replied with a verified
criminal complaint against the losing
attorney, for bank fraud and mail fraud.
Title 18 is rather explicit about falsifying
bank records, and using U.S. Mail for
fraudulent purposes. There is also an
outstanding Citizen's Arrest Warrant
for his arrest.

When that warrant was executed
and served, the county D.A.'s office
tried to block its execution. I provided
courtesy copies to every neighbor in the
vicinity of his office. I kept the Sheriff's
office informed, and a deputy there was always
very helpful to me on the telephone, but their
posture was to remain officially neutral.

They were the ones who confirmed that my
unwanted house guest had been trafficking
in methamphetamine. In retrospect, it was
gracious of the Sheriff to permit this guy
to stay at my house for 5 weeks, when a
federal grand jury indictment had been
issued against him -- for conspiracy to
manufacture methamphetamine. I was about
to meet with the Sheriff, to solicit his
input on another citizen's arrest, when
the U.S. Marshals arrested him instead.

You have to appreciate that Tucson is only
90 miles or so from Nogales, Mexico. NAFTA
has relaxed customs inspections of container
trucks. The interstate highway between
Tucson and Nogales is a modern freeway.

The quantities of contraband going in and
out of Nogales are beyond your wildest
imagination. We heard a Tucson City cop
testify in Wallen's drug case, that he
routinely interdicted drug shipments at
the Mexican border. Only problem was,
he had no jurisdiction outside Tucson
City limits!

And, get this! The Tucson International
Airport is on UNincorporated city property,
and the Tucson Airport Authority pays an
annual lease of $1.00 to the City of Tucson
for the use of that land. The airport
police are just glorified rent-a-cops
(i.e. private security with fancy uniforms).

I worked briefly on a criminal case which
charged a local woman with attempt to conceal
her handgun at the airport metal detector.
She had forgotten to remove it from her purse,
after leaving her car in the parking lot.

When I appeared with her at her trial, the judge
promptly ruled that the airport police had failed
properly to identify her; this was a convenient
way to "deep six" that case, I believe
because they knew I was quite ready to raise a
dust storm about the real ownership of that
airport, and the true nature of the cargo traffic
going in and out. A fast airplane can be over
the Mexican border in just a few minutes,
after leaving the runway at TIA. When I tried
to get a local aviation instructor involved,
he quietly dropped out of sight.

I was first exposed to these airport issues
when a Pro Per prospect requested my assistance
to prepare his affidavit of probable cause --
for repeated abuse and harrassment by the
Tucson Airport police. He had been protesting
the diversion of airport profits away from the
City treasury (a huge annual sum), and other
strange things about that City's lease to
Tucson Airport Authority. So, their motive
for silencing him became rather transparent.

Add to this the fact that the local City Court
(a de facto forum), routinely arraigns ALL
criminal defendants without the benefit of
any counsel. I learned this the hard way, when
the city police picked me up and arrested me
-- for expired tags andrefusing to disclose a SSN.
One such City Court [sic] was observed collecting
almost $40,000 in fines during a single 2-hour
period, on one day. There are numerous
such courts scattered all over the City
of Tucson. The Superior Court of Arizona
has failed to renew the intergovernmental
agreement authorizing that City Court to
exist in the first instance.

Just before I left Tucson, I filed criminal
complaints on 45 separate individuals,
including police, judges, and other state
officials, going all the way up to the
Governor's office. Again, these pleadings
are slated to be loaded into the SLL,
as soon as possible. The evidence proving
that my efforts to vote in the last general
election were blocked, is particularly condemning
of the entire governmental structure there.
A front man even crossed my path one day,
to inform me that my registered mail was not
even reaching the Governor's desk.

Got the picture?

We will be loading Mitchell v. Nordbrock et al.
into SLL as soon as possible. It is large,
because I was anticipating transfer of the
case into the Superior Court; that effort,
too, was blocked.

It was evident to me that at least one state
judge in Tucson, was implicated in the
disappearance of several kidnapped children.
When we began to explore the possibility
that they had been killed for their live
organs, the town shut up tighter than a drum.

And so it goes. Sic transit gloria mundi.
Dante's Inferno must have anticipated
the worst of the Arid Zone (aka "Ari Zona").

Thank you again for your kindness above.

/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.

Counselor at Law, Federal Witness,
and Private Attorney General

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