Paul Mitchell's letter to Mark at HomeCom, 10/1/98

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Posted by Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S. on October 01, 1998 at 15:11:28:

In Reply to: PLANS FOR CHANGES TO FORUM SOFTWARE posted by Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S. on September 26, 1998 at 20:43:52:

Hi Mark,

I really appeciate how you have followed-up below,
and I am thrilled to learn that we can incorporate
into CONFERENCE old messages from an existing
message board. All our messages are formatted
in HTML, and we do intend to keep all of them,
as a permanent feature of the Supreme Law Library.

For example, we plan to load some 7,500 messages
which I generated, when I was experimenting with
"distance learning," via the Supreme Law School.
There is much more to our "upside," but much of
that upside is still in the planning phases,
I am afraid to say.

Now for the downside. The work which I have been
gifted to produce, has become so controversial,
that criminal elements inside the federal and
state governments have chosen to retaliate
against me for my testimony in federal court.
The stiff penalties for retaliating against
federal witnesses, at 18 U.S.C. 1513, have not
deterred these criminals.

Moreover, there are constant interlopers and agents
provocateur shadowing my every move. The man named
"MARTIN" started posting messages in our forum which
were so obnoxious, that we had to revoke his forum
privileges. Even then, he still did not leave,
until we filed a formal complaint with his
email and website ISP's.

The other consequence of this retaliation is that
I have been stiffed for a total exceeding
$40,000, for all the legal work I did last year.
DOJ officials persuaded several clients that I
am a government agent (which I am NOT), and this
convinced those clients to stiff me for all that
work, even after they accepted it, signed it,
and filed it. The most egregious of these
"stiffs" was a civil case I won in Arizona,
when my accountants embezzled the last $3,000
I had in the world. I got a unanimous jury
verdict, and their losing attorney wrote a check
that day for the exact amount of the judgment.

But then, while that check was in the mail,
he called his bank and stopped payment,
giving "wrong amount" as his reason. Of course,
that was a lie, and this man is now looking at
a formal complaint for mail fraud and bank
fraud. However, such a "minor" crime is really
nothing for a racket which does not hesitate
to inject soldiers with tainted vaccines and
snuff kidnapped children for their live organs.

The services of HomeCome were originally recommended
to us by a Ph.D. in astronomy, in large part because
of your reputation for excellent security and reliable
up-time. I can say, with total honesty and confidence,
that your performance has actually far exceeded our
wildest expectations, and this sentence is being
written by someone who also has more than 27 years
of professional experience with advanced computer
systems. I know a good computer system when I see one,
and yours has to be one of the best. Hence, it did
not take long for me to decide that I should approach
your technical staff, as soon as I discovered your

I can say right now that we will be happy to purchase
your license, provided that the actual license fee
for the first 12 months does not exceed $1,000.
Beyond that, I would need to make a special effort
to raise the necessary funds. We are trying mightily
right now to find a publisher for my book, "The Federal Zone,"
an electronic copy of which was stolen, modified, and then
hosted on the Internet without my permission.

We have had to spend many months during the past year,
enforcing my exclusive rights in that work. I believe that
everyone who deserved a CEASE AND DESIST notice has now received
one, so the deck appears clear for us to re-publish a new
edition in hard copy. But, again, I am financially
indigent at the present time. It would be a fine gift
from heaven if some publisher's agent were to pick up
the book and secure a fat publisher's contract for this
book. Then, you and I would be spending our time where
we should be spending it: on installation and training.

We have also toyed with the idea of applying for
foundation grants, but you might already know that
these organizations are traditionally hesitant to
justify grants to controversial authors.

By way of historical examples, you should know that
one of the early followers of Copernicus (a man whose
name I forget), was actually burned at the stake for
proposing a "revolutionary" theory -- that the earth
revolved around the sun. John Brown was hanged for
resorting to violence, to stop southern slavery.
Not 5 years later, the Union Army did exactly the
same thing, under presidential orders.

What we are attempting to do with the Supreme Law Library
is no less revolutionary, because we are, in our deepest
heart of hearts, trying to restore true freedom to this
beleaguered and oppressed land. Our marching orders
issue from the Holy Bible, at James 1:25, which speaks
of "The Perfect Law of Freedom." The exegesis for that
authority has yet to be written. I would like to be
the one who writes it.

So, I hope this letter has been informative and, possibly
also uplifting. The keys to working with us are patience,
courage, and intellectual integrity, in that order.

I have no doubt that you and your superb colleagues
at HomeCom can muster all three.

Sincerely yours,

/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.

Counselor at Law, Federal Witness
and Private Attorney General

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