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Posted by Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S. on October 02, 1998 at 14:58:19:

In Reply to: Re: foreign...Re: foreign earned income posted by Two Cities on October 02, 1998 at 11:40:21:

See my comments below:

: So would it behoove an "individual", that artful
: creation, helplessly tangled in a web of contracts,
: since diaper age, to publicly, perhaps with a letter
: addressed to the receiver of "Voter registrations", to
: publicly declare the intent to become resident again within
: the domain that was previously and normally departed
: from, and proceed to file 2555 based upon a substantial
: presence test, take the $70,000 deduction (single),
: generously provided for, and carry on.

: The "Legal Address" of the "County Treasurer" is NOT WA, but
: is stated to be "Wa."

: Does the service recognize the foreign location of
: let's say California? The man may be able to move, but
: any entity left behind (corporate in nature), is forever
: confined to the location of its creation. So John Quincy
: moves and PUBLIC, JOHN Q stays behind. The multiplication
: of entities that a single mans signature might support, does
: not necessarily equate to multiplication of receivables.
: I.e. if JOHN Q has a receivable, John Quincy might not, and
: neither might JOHN QUINCY. Otherwise the GDP could mushroom
: instantly.

: This clearly works in instances like France etc, and JOHN Q
: is permitted to change HIS address of record. The question
: that arises then is if the service will treat the boundary
: with California in a similar fashion.

: Anyone who ever registered to vote did become a United States
: citizen, by voluntary application and contract, in order to
: partake in a priviledge, and to provide the quid pro quo.

If you are using U.S. Mail, the key is to
inform all senders, formally, of your proper
mailing location. We recommend USPS Pub. #221,
which has an example of a "foreign address."
Here is our "foreign address" in conformity
to Pub. #221:

Supreme Law Firm
c/o general delivery at:
2509 North Campbell Avenue
Tucson 85719

This physical location is actually a
"United States Post Office" [sic];
that's how the sign reads on the
exterior building facade.

After you have served this notice, you MUST
refuse all wrongly addressed mail after that,
on the face of the wrongly addressed mail,
and then send along a companion explanation
of the reason for your refusal. Keep copies
of the annotated envelope, for proof of your
actions and intentions. Keep a log of dates
and times when you did each step.

We also recommend that you send a FOIA request,
and enclose a SASE flat rate Priority U.S. Mail
envelope, $3.00 stamp prepaid. If they use
this envelope, they are giving recognition
to your lawful location. If they don't use
this SASE, then you can prosecute them for
theft of postage. See Title 18, in chief,
for the criminal sanctions.

A good FOIA request is for certified copies
of all statutes in the IRC which impose a
specific liability for the federal income
tax upon Citizens of [Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas,
... Wyoming] state. Of course, there is no
such statute, and it is difficult in law
to prove a negative. When they default,
you can testify to their default in an
Affidavit of Default, and this will activate
estoppel, pursuant to Carmine v. Bowen.

The Citizen's Guide to the FOIA/Privacy Act
is in Gilbertson's pleadings to the 8th
Circuit, at the URL infra:


/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.

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