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Posted by Comments: on October 31, 1998 at 13:46:20:

In Reply to: 18-year old rebels against being numbered. Wins right to vote w/o SSN. posted by Patrick Henry on October 30, 1998 at 16:59:42:

In Reply to: 18-year-old rebels against being numbered posted by Ray/c on October 30, 1998 at 12:39:01:

Freedom of Speech is a Great Right!

RE:"There is nothing they can ever do to make me surrender my personal freedom, nothing. I don't know a lot of people who exercise freedom to the point of fanaticism I do. I will not pay federal income tax, I will not be marked my their unconstitutional anti-Christ numbers. I will not take any of their socialist benefits. I will not bow before any bureaucracy. I will not surrender my God-given freedom to those bastards for any reason."

(Notice that Mr. Hanson complains not of ID #s on motor vehicles, FRNs, Voter registration number + so on!)

David Bresnahan is a contributing editor of, and is the author of "Cover Up: The Art and Science of Political Deception." You may e-mail him at

The Art and Science of Political Deception."

David Bresnahan got that title 100 percent correct!!

Another confidence man praying upon peoples Religious and Patriotic Beliefs.

What a self centered selfish person (Mr. Hanson). He wants to operate a Motor vehicle upon the public highways that the public has paid for without paying his legal taxes or following established rules.

He believes that he has a "God-given freedom" to take benefit at the detriment of the public!

God gave him two legs and he is not satisfied!

He misjoins the two distinct and seperate forms of law; Man's and God's; wanting the protection and benefit of both without helping to pay his dues to society.

He speaks of the "Mark of the Beast" as violating his Religious belief but then he cites man's secular law (The Constitution) and represents himself as such a "secular man" when he (Hansen) presented a diploma from high school and a birth certificate issued under man's law.

(If Mr. Hanson wants a Christian Government then he should speak of a "Christian KING" not the Constitution.

Mr. Hanson is truthful on one point: "I don't know a lot of people who exercise freedom to the point of fanaticism I do."

Mr. Hanson's "fanaticism is very apparent.

Most likely this fanatiscism has been planted in Mr. Hanson by 'Enemy Agents' spreading fear of an all powerful foe; "The New World Order Boogie Men".

Mr. Hanson does not mind not his baptismal Christian Name being misnomered but this is ok because he can accept benefit at the detriment of society without contributing: "I will not pay federal income tax, I will not be marked my their unconstitutional anti-Christ numbers. I will not take any of their socialist benefits."

Well Mr. Hanson; your very selective religious beliefs sound like criminal fraud to me.

Taking benefit of man's law puts you in an unwritten Equity contract making you liable for income tax. Mr. Hanson actions prove that he recognizes man's law as his law.

Mr. Hanson is now a "United States citizen" as he just registered himself as such a "legal fiction" on his voter registration form.

One must live according to God's Law and self government or one will live by the law of man and man's government.
Man's government will make sure that Christians strictly adhere to God's Law or man's law.
One cannot claim to be at common law in a Christian venue, yet live under man's system, and daily engage in commerce forbidden by Scripture.
One cannot claim the benefits of God's Law and His Providence and still want benefits from Rome and commerce.
God is long suffering and may take His own time but man wants his punishment now and has created man's courts to fulfill that demand.

Fraud, deceit and lies are punishable in God's Court


This court has no jurisdiction.-The distinction between judicial and political power is so generally acknowledged in the jurisprudence both of England and of this country, that we need do no more than refer to some of the authorities on the subject.

The Attorney-General quite understates the effects of these Reconstruction Acts. Their actual effect is to restrain at once the holding of any election within the State for any [73 U.S. 50, 64] officers of the present State government by any of the State authorities; to direct all future elections in the State to be held under the direction of, and by officers appointed by, the military commander; and that all persons of certain classes described shall be the electors permitted to vote at such election. It is, therefore, an immediate paralysis of all the authority and power of the State government by military force; a plain setting aside of the present State government, and depriving it of the necessary means of continuing its existence. It is substituting in its place a new government, created under a new constitution, and elected by a new and independent class of electors
But these defendants cannot compel the registration. These laws compel no man in Georgia, black or white, to be registered; nor do they authorize the military commander to seize and punish any one for not going to the election. It is left entirely to the citizens to decide for themselves whether they shall be registered or not. You cannot very well stop them. What next? An election is held. Who votes at the election? Just who chooses. How do you know that anybody is going to attend that election? [73 U.S. 50, 60] How do you know that an election will be ordered, or that, if ordered, Georgia is going to accept the offer made by Congress? The people that the State of Georgia comes here to protect, can protect themselves against all this mischief by not going to the election, because the mischief is the election of a government that is going to displace the existing government.
But suppose the people go to the election and vote for delegates; the delegates are not obliged to go to the convention; there is no law to punish them for not attending.


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