Re: Question: How did you get copy of Manuel on C.L. courts ??

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Posted by Paul Andrew Mitchell on August 07, 1997 at 14:17:34:

In Reply to: Question: How did you get copy of Manuel on C.L. courts ?? posted by Ann on August 07, 1997 at 10:57:38:

: One of these posts had a note about a manuuel for training judges
: and D.A.'s on dealing with C.L. courts. After much phone calling,
: I finally found the WestLaw group that made the manuel, but was told
: that I could not order it. (i.e. did not have the right "association"
: with a judicial group, I presume. Then get this:
: I was asked why I was interested in it, and asked if was I a member of
: a C.L. group to which I replied no. (They said they "had to ask this
: question.") They said the Constitutionalists,patriots, etc. are
: catching on to this, etc. My guess is that this tells judges, D.A.s
: how to "deal with" C.L. courts. They said I might try to request it
: from the admin courts in Austin, or request it thru a library.
: (I got the impression that I was not the first non-judicial folk to
: request this manuel).

: QUESTION: Previous poster, HOW did you get a copy, please tell. The
: name of the manuel is "Model Curriculum for Dealing with Common Law
: Courts" I was told. Was told there's no ISBN number to identify it.
: I cannot find that original post or my hardcopy of your post,
: so your response would be appreciated.

The man who left a copy of this report in
my mailbox one day, was also the same man
who nearly obstructed the delivery of my
legal mail on another day. This man also
decided to vilify my all over the Internet,
until he effectively disappeared from the
scene one day, about 5 months ago; this
"disappearance" occurred at about the same
time I told a mutual acquaintance that this
activist had better find out fast what he was
getting himself into, before he fell down on
the wrong side of the fence. That was enough
to cool his jets.

Because I had never ordered this report, and
because the package it came in did not have
any transmittal letter or note, I decided to
return it to the sender. I did NOT want to
be charged with having obtained this report
illegally, which could very well have happened.
The cost of being wrong about this decision
was clearly much smaller than the cost I
expected for making the other mistake (i.e.
keeping the report when I should not have).

If you really must have this man's name,
I can refer you to the mutual acquaintance,
and you can take it from there. I would
only ask that you keep the source of this
message confidential, if and when you decide
to contact the mutual acquaintance.

Fair enough?

/s/ Paul Mitchell
Counselor at Law, federal witness,
and private attorney general

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