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Posted by Common Right Group on August 13, 1997 at 06:21:31:

In Reply to: Do these flags have any meaning in schools posted by Curtis Payne on August 12, 1997 at 23:00:46:

: I teach 4th grade and had a gentlemen come through the school and tell us
: that the flag pole outside was wrong because it had a ball on it. He ]
: then told us that all of our flags were wrong because we had the court
: martial spear for a Finial.

: Since schools are not courts of law. What difference does it make?
: We just told him to buy us a new one. For some reason his cause didn't
: seem to be that important because we don't have a new flag yet. But until we
: do we still respect the symbol of our country that is posted in our
: room, and regard it as the symbol of our great nation.

: If anyone has information as to whether or not what this guy says has merit in
: a school setting please let me know.

: Please e-mail at

: Thank you.

: Curtis

Hello Curtis,
Well, just call me Bill, and I used to be a Scoutmaster where I endeavored to teach a lot of boys from age 11-16 a lot of things, including proper flag courtesy and display. Even with a lot of research at that time, a lot of facts remained occult to me.
The great apocalypse came with the discovery of Title 4 U.S.C.S. Section 1 and U.S. Army Regulations 840-10 and 860-10. Therein lies the meanings of various forms of display, the authority and meaning of the yellow fringe, the meanings of various finials (which fly higher than the flag), etc.
The gold ball is for Military Recruiting Stations, The Eagle is the Presidential (Executive) Crest, and the Gold Spear is for Courts-Martials. The dimensions on the proper flag of the United States of America is the ratio of Hoist:Fly :: 1.0:1.9 or any mustiple thereof. Most of the flags used are Executive Agency Falgs of the United States (U.S.) and have different dimensional ratios. One peek at the Army Regs cited will reveal that any modifications to the flag or standard for the proper American Civil Flag is a desecration.
However, if the flag is not a proper flag of the United States of America, those embellishments are not desecrations, and the flag may as well be a picture of your high-school sweetie for all it's worth.
We hope for two things with you. One: that you will teach these things (after doing your own research) to the youth in America in your charge; and, two: that you will not assume that I know what I'm talking about and do your own research.
May I please add that the American flag is defined as having three colors, not four, and that nothing is to fly above it.
May God bless America and the Christian Republic she stands for - in her People. School teachers may be the most important influence in America today and for some time to come. Please be diligent.

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