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Posted by Patrick Henry on September 07, 1997 at 11:02:39:

In Reply to: auto accident medical liability posted by frank m. on September 01, 1997 at 16:59:43:

Freedom. Personal responsibility. The two cannot
be separated. If you have a physical disability
which MAY cause you to damage another in his life,
liberty, or property, then personal responsibility
DEMANDS that you take precautionary steps to ensure
that your disability does NOT damage another.

If you DO NOT do so, then your action becomes one
of willfullness.

Under Biblical Law, and the subsequent Anglo Saxon
Common Law arising out of it, as well as today's
Roman Civil law statutes, you would become
criminally liable for your INACTION.

Cases? Are they really relevant? Right is right
and wrong is wrong. The Law has never changed
since it was given. What the state's "Religious
Order of the Black Frocks" has to say about the
subject is really irrelevant.

: Hello to all,
: My family lawyer has informed me that I am criminally
: culpable if I am involve in an automobile accident while
: suffering from a spontaneous vertigo attack. I was diagnosed
: with B. P. P. V. a couple of years ago but it responded to
: physical therapy and my reoccurrences of vertigo are
: infrequent but unpredictable.
: He bases this opinion on a situation which occurred in
: SanDiego California.
: A young woman was killed and her fiance was permanently
: injured by a diabetic driver who had failed to monitor his
: blood sugar. The diabetic passed out at the wheel causing
: the accident. The San Diego district attorney filed criminal
: charges of vehicular manslaughter because of this accident.
: My lawyer states that similar charges could be brought
: against me if during a vertigo episode I caused an accident. This now causes me great
: concern about driving and and has caused me to considerably
: limit my driving.
: Have any of you heard of any such cases or have you
: received an opinion of this topic from an attorney. The
: consequences of this is very scary end I would be
: interested in your opinions.

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