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Posted by Two Cities on September 18, 1997 at 21:26:14:

In Reply to: Re: Deeds: An update posted by Common Right Group on September 18, 1997 at 07:52:12:

Thanks. I'm just slow on the uptake in my unlearning.
But while travelling the roadways, I make inferences
with respect to the number of practitioners actually
using the Interstates, Federal and State highways as
well as county roads. I have yet to spot the camoflage
of the unlicensed vehicle. Here in Washington (State
of Washington) state, I do see a current influx of vehicles
with Texas plates. A Georgia 'classic plate' also carried
no visible license tags. But the blatant absense of plates
is indeed a rare occurence. Not all that many vehicles with
tags several years old either. Personally I just drive junk
in order to minimize the support.

And my mind is drawn to the case [which I can't site] where the
retains his property by contending the bank never delivered
substance, and then just because the sweat off the brow was once
substance, and traded for frn's, does that give me the right
to perpetuate the fraud. With respect to the state I may have
a better color of title, whereas the 'unpayment' lingers in the
federal deficit and debt, which interest is skill(fear)fully coerced
from at least some. Some claims run as high 10 - 20 million
non-taxpayers. These principals do not seem to spill over to
the visible lack of current license tags on vehicles, but then
the vehicle license is perhaps only a small inconvenience.

Perhaps there are lists compiled, over unproperty taxed land. At
least the county assessor ought to know.

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