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Posted by Dennis on September 19, 1997 at 14:42:32:

In Reply to: Social Security Withdrawal posted by John Hockman on September 11, 1997 at 07:29:21:

: Here is an interesting item. Seem one can get out of Soc. Sec. after all. Form SSA-521 is the out.



: Contents

: Subpart F--Applications and Related Forms

: Sec. 422.515 Forms used for withdrawal,
: reconsideration and other appeals, and appointment of
: representative.

: The following is a list of forms prescribed by the Social
: Security
: Administration for use by the public to request a withdrawal of an
: application, a reconsideration of an initial determination, a
: hearing, a review of an administrative law judge's decision, or for
: use where a person is authorized to represent a claimant.

: SSA-521--Request for Withdrawal of Application. (For use by an
: individual to cancel his application.) SSA-561--Request for
: Reconsideration. (For use by an individual who disagrees with an
: initial determination concerning (a) entitlement to benefits or any
: other right under title II of the Social Security Act, or (b)
: entitlement to hospital insurance benefits or supplementary medical
: insurance benefits under title XVIII of the act, or (c) entitlement
: to black lung benefits under title IV of the Federal Coal Mine
: Health and Safety Act. See Sec. 422.140 for a
: discussion of the reconsideration procedure.) SSA-1696--Appointment
: of Representative. (For use by person other than an attorney
: authorized by a claimant to act for him in a claim or related
: matter.) SSA-1763--Request for Termination of Supplementary Medical
: Insurance. (For use by an enrollee in requesting that his
: supplementary medical insurance coverage be terminated.)
: SSA-1965--Request for Hearing--Part B Medicare Claim. (For use by an
: individual enrollee or his assignee to obtain a hearing before a
: hearing officer designated by the carrier concerning benefits
: payable under part B of title XVIII.) HA-501--Request for Hearing.
: (For use by an individual or institution to obtain a hearing on a
: claim for title II benefits before an administrative law judge of
: the Social Security Administration.)


Ran across this @ :
Looks like you can order the form and check it out for oneself....

521 - Request For Withdrawal Of

If you think this is the silver bullet to get you out of the
Social(ist) (in)Security System - think again.

On the Common Law mail list, Robert Happy, a.k.a. Christianus Dei
Gratia had this to say, "The form is for rescinding an application for benefits.
However, it is only applicable for those who have already filed for benefits but now realize they
don't need them. For instance, you were laid off work and filed for unemployment. Then before the
benefits kicked in you get another job, you would want to rescind the original application for
benefits or you'd have to pay them back."

Click on the preferred size: 25% scan (18K), 50% scan (57K), 100% scan (160K)

If you would like a full size form mailed (FREE), send a self addressed stamped envelope requesting
the "SSA 521 Form" to:

Tony Sgarlatti
c/o P.O. Box 323
Hopkins, Minnesota
Postal Zone 55343-0323

Courtesy of "The Truth (as I see it)" Cable Show for the
enlightenment of the internet community.

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