Re: Deeds: An update - (re: car quit claim)- details?

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Posted by Common Right Group on September 24, 1997 at 05:59:17:

In Reply to: Re: Deeds: An update - (re: car quit claim)- details? posted by Ann on September 20, 1997 at 13:55:03:

: (Original note deleted)

: Would appreciate more detailse, such as 1)was this
: note to them in form of a FOIA for your state,
: or 2) did you include an affadavit claiming you
: "fully paid" for the car? 3) Include copy of
: your Manufacturere's Certificate or Origin
: (you might have obtained from S. of Wyoming?)
: 4) Cite your Vehicle Identification Number?
: Look forward to your response.

: A.

: A.

Got creative. Re-registration was due. Sent good-faith check to county Clerk along with letter asking for justification of state's claim else quitclaim. Letter was cc'd to District Judge, Governor and Attorney General.
Clerk was the only respondent. Sent back the letter and the check with a note that said, "It appears you do not wish to keep your car registered in this state any longer." At that point, it became an unregistered automobile. It is not on the records, and a certain California Highway Patrolman can attest to that. He asked me why he couldn't find it on his computer, so I had to ask him if he was holding me responsible for some bureaucrat's stupid record keeping practices. I think the CHP Ociffer was on his way to the looney bin by the time the conversation was over.
Caveat: This stunt was done by professionals. Do not try this at home without parental supervision.
Anyway, it figures that a constructive quitclaim is in existence, as such is the only logical interpretation of the response to the question.
MSO? So far as I know, the state never had an MSO. Hard to tell, because I don't know where it was originally sold when new. After the initial sale, it becomes a matter of tracking through bills of sale. The state takes the original bill of sale, microfilms it for the record, then destroys the original. Same as California.
Ann, these stunts aren't for those who want a boilerplate solution, one-size-fits-all. They don't exist. If your afraid to or can't afford to go to jail, don't enter the game. If somoenoe else does all of your research for you, you are not prepared to defend your position. Having someone else do your homework for you teaches you nothing.
The above comments are not put-downs, but they are perceived as statements of true fact.
Keep the faith and keep on learning.

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