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Posted by Henry Lyle on October 15, 1997 at 22:16:49:

In Reply to: State Constitutions posted by Two Cities on October 02, 1997 at 17:55:22:

: I received a copy from the 'Secretary of State' of the
: Constitution of the State of Washington.

: In it the State is declared admitted into some Union by a
: proclamation of the president of the United States, according
: to the Enabling Act.

: Does anyone know of a Public Law, where Congress admits the
: State into the Union under the Constitution of the United States
: of America, article IV, section 3 Where do I find the public laws of
: 1889?

: In the preamble:
: *** We, the people of the State of Washington, grateful to the Supreme Ruler
: of the Universe for our liberties, do ordain this constitution. ***

: If this is the document, that constitutes the compact, creating the body
: politic of the State of Washington, is it not wrong to refer to this name
: within the creating document?

: "people of the State of Washington". Are people of the State? Subjects?

: If only sovereign States can be admitted into the union of the Several States,
: is it not an error in a State constitution to refer to the Constitution of the
: United States as the supreme law of the land. Prior to admittance, the State
: is sovereign, a nation among the family of nations, seeking admittance, and
: able to carry on in it's sovereign capacity.

Only Congress is empowered to admit a state as one of the united States.
Check the language of the Congressional Act admitting Kansas, compare the phrase, "admitted as ONE of the united State" to the proclamation language, "shall be admitted as a State of the United States"

Then consider the language in the Act admitting Ohio in the year 1953 nunc pro tunc 1803.

See the deliberate novation?

Washington is just a county of the single superstate called New Columbia.

There is no de jure state there, never has been.

Check the treaty of 1846 with Great Brittain concerning lands west of the then U.S. territories.

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