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Posted by Two Cities on November 01, 1997 at 12:13:54:


Browsing the microfiche reels at the county yesterday. The following
observations were made.

Land Patents. There was an orderly process for recording land patents
and filing for record under the subject heading patents until 1948. After
this date, the patents are recorded under the name of the individual. Researching
the filing of patent claims becomes a hit and miss process.

The plat maps of cities are very interesting. Especially the older ones
where the cities are located in Washington or Wash. No State of Washington
on these maps.

Below an oath of office, taken from the reel on oaths (ran until 1971), Then the oaths
are filed under the individual, that is if they have bothered to file it for record.
Wonder why???

State of Washington)
) ss [ss = State Seal (my assumption)]
County of Snohomish)

I Betty J. Berger do hereby solemnly swear that I will
support the Constitution of the United States of America and
the Constitution and bylaws of the State of Washington and
faithfully perform the duties of Deputy Auditor to the best of
my ability so help me God.

Betty J. Berger

Subscribed and sworn before me this 11th day of January 1971

Stanley Dubuque
County Auditor

bylaws of the State of Washington? Hmmm. Corporation?

Elemental logic 101:

A and B and C and D = (A and B) and C and D.
Other combinations are of course also possible. Does an
underlying temporal process requirement exist?
Or is the "best of her ability" on par with "the Constitution of
the United States of America"? I'll venture a guess on this last
Then if the oath can be shown to be "sensitive" to the time element
of it's varying components, does it not folow that the logic could be
applied in the same way?

(((A and B) and C) and D)

and D being "individual ability".

Having access to each of the component parts is a requirement for
evaluating the performance of the oath. If fault can be shown with
either A, B or C (bylaws) it would be better. The "ability" is such
an individual matter, and a reasonable doubt should always prevail
in her favor.

Constitution of the United States of America = Constitution of the United States????

Offer to purchase:
An original deed or conveyance for land in Washington between
the years of 1879 and September 1889, with the stamps and markings
of the county auditor, and words to the effect, that the land is
situated in state of Washington, county of Xxxxx, as opposed to State
of Washington, County of Xxxxx. This offer subject to inspection of
the document, and a mutually agreeable consideration.

Snohomish County Commissioners Proceedings of Volume 5, page 361
dated August 11, 1890.

The Commissioners declared Edmonds to be incorporated as a fourth
class town or village.

Commissioner declarations, presidential proclamations???

George Brackett platted some of the 550 to 600 acres in 1884. I have a copy
of the county record. An incorporated town existed.

I also have an indication that the abbreviation for the State of Washington
is Wn. This abbreviation still lingers on all the boat registrations.

state of Washington = Wash. ???
State of Washington = Wn. ???

Enough for now.

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