Split personality

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Posted by Two Cities on November 05, 1997 at 15:45:04:

I hear rumours of cute traps, such as "are you representing yourself"?
And an answer of yes, will in the eyes of the court allow them to
treat you as a ward of the court, due to your inability of language
and difficulty of discerning that you ARE yourself.

Do the courts in Washington suffer from the same malady? Is the
simultaneous operation of Washington State courts and Washington
courts, by the same person, albeit with perhaps minor spelling
differences in the name really possible? Can the sitting judge,
which appears to be the same person, although perhaps not a Person,
really keep this straight in his/her own mind?

Check http://www.wa.gov/courts Explore this with an eye towards detail

Constitution of the State of Washington
Article I, section 24
The right of the individual citizen to bear arms in defense of himself,
or the state, shall not be impaired, but nothing in this section shall
be construed as authorizing individuals, or corporations to organize.
maintain or employ an armed body of men.

Anyone who is willing to read the painted announcements on the side
of all the bubble topped cruisers, can see for themselves
that this is not City of Seattle, police department, much less city
of Seattle anything. It says SEATTLE POLICE. Whether this is the
POLICE of the corporation "SEATTLE", or an entirely different
corporation called "SEATTLE POLICE", I do not know. Request the
corporate charters. Now the question arises, where did this
corporation come by the authority to maintain an armed body of men,
for the purpose of enforcing the by-laws of some corporation?

A subtle inference can also be made to the constituion as such, and
that is that it's authors were aware that they were writing within the
scope of persons (includes corporations), but went to the pains of

With this I don't intend to say that defending in a Washington State
venue sounds all that attractive. It appears that a procedure allows for
change of venue to Washington. But don't believe me, I'm a theorist.

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