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Posted by David on November 15, 1997 at 10:37:01:

When at war, and do not kid yourself if you think
that dealing with the truth and facts with the American
Domestic enemy called the IRS is not a war.
There are two very important aspects that you need.

As a former combat soldier muself, I learned that
the two important aspects that is needed to win are,

FIRST: Is logistics - knowing the area where you are
going to fight, the best ans safest way in and a quick
route out should you be ambushed.

THE SECOND AND MOST IMPORTANT IS: and this is my point.

TACTICAL SUPPORT. Having any and all avaliable BIG GUNS at
your disposal.

The point that I'm getting at is, we have all heard and read
about how important it is to get professional opinnion letters.

Well, a while a go, in the gathering of my own "tactical support"
for my own battle in this war I ran across someone, sent for the
information and was amazed at what was said. And it was not
frivilous BS either readers.

This individual's name is, The Honorable, Judge
(now retired) John Rizzo, of Las Vegas Nevada.
And is a practicing attorney, in TAX CASES with
over 750 clients at any one time. He left the
bench, when he decided one morning that he did
not like himself anymore. That he would be better
off helping people off the bench than on it.

He is a former CRIMINAL AND CIVIL judge that had the
courage to see the light and step down.

There is no greater weight, except decided court cases,
than the opinion of a judge, in writing, and in your hand.
Judges do, present or former, do not disregard each others
opinion. For they truly know the laws and the truth's behind
them. Those with courage anyway.

I sent for mine, and have added it to the top of my
Tactical Support Arsenal. I called the Nevada Bar association
and checked him out before sending for his letter. This
man is as straight as any moral, christian, American can be.

It's not free, and I have learned over the years that nothing
worth while is ever free. His fee for the opinion letter
is $50.00 addressed to you directly.

I took mine to, and paid a fee, a local attorney and was told
that everything the judge had to say was in fact, the truth.

If you want Heavy Duty Artillery as part of your
Tactical Arsenal, and you are placing yourself at risk
if you don't then,

e-mail him at

He is up front with everything he says.

REMEMBER; When you find yourself in harms
way you have no bitch when you are bloddied and
battered, when, in fact, you could have protected
yourself and didn't.

Your welcome.


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