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Posted by Common Right Group on November 27, 1997 at 05:32:09:

In Reply to: Wrongful Termination posted by The Q Continuum on November 25, 1997 at 23:21:13:

: In October, i was fired from my job of 11 months
: because i refused to obtain a driver's license.
: I explained to my supervisor that I feel that the
: driver's license may very well be the Mark of the
: Beast spoken of in the Book of Revelations,
: therefore my refusal was religiously based.
: Common sense should have also prevailed because
: i do not even own a car. I rode the bus to work!
: Two weeks ago, the EEOC issued me a Right to Sue.
: The reason that they did not sue themselves is
: my former employer only has 12 employees. If
: someone could give me some guidance as to how
: I need to pursue this, it would be greatly
: appreciated. This whole event as the result of
: me filing a letter of grievance against my
: supervisor.

Wish we could help sink our overloaded teeth into this one. We have three cases similar to yours in work and another pending already.
Just try to get help with 42 USC 1986, 1985, 1983, and/or 1981 filings and litigation. get very familiar with both state and federal employment discrimination law, and don't forget to reserve your right, through notice to the defendant, to seek exemplary and punitive damages.
Most locations have several people that study '42' actions and work together in a mutual assistance fashion.
Actually, what you said in your posting pretty much summarizes your case, but you need to lay in background, suporting facts, points and authorities. Be prepared for a standard, boilerplate, 12(b)(6) motion to dismiss. These are S.O.P. in federal courts. If one is not submitted, your (ex) employer has a flaky lawyer.
Don't get excited about making a long brief. We've been told by an old-timer judge that "The problem with most briefs is that they are not." Do be comprehensive, yet concise. ALWAYS show the court the most extreme courtesy - let the court be your friend.
And may the God of the Universe be with you and prosper your liberty and property interests.

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