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Posted by E. on December 03, 1997 at 13:40:09:

In Reply to: Re: Terminate the Constructive Trusts! posted by Common Right Group on December 02, 1997 at 19:16:24:

: :
: And a fine job of writing you do at that.
: We take the position that, even with a SSAN, Birth Cert., Driver's License, Voter Registration, etc., the one question remains as to whether or not one is engaged in a Revenue Taxable Activity characterized as "Duties, Imposts, and/or Excises?" We'll be a large sum that there is an 'activity code' on your IRS IMF that shows you are engaged in one of those activities. Wanna bet? Now, go to the local IRS office, after getting you IMF through the Privacy Act, and ask what that code means. Betcha they won't tell you, even under threat (never a good idea).
: Nonetheless, your writhing is nifty, neat, and good food for conspiracy nuts like us.

I did, and they have me, or rather the NOM DE GUERRE ALL CAPITAL LETTER NAME, created by the constructive social security trust I wrote of, that is similar to mine which they assert represents me, listed as a "High Level Narcotics Traffiker residing in the Virgin Islands!"
Obviously this is the revenue taxable activity they make the presentment I am engaged in, which gave them the authority last year to have an armed assault force break into my home and steal lots of my property, searching for "evidences and fruits of threatening government officers" because I had the county sheriffs serve a legal notice on them that they were acting under of color of law and that I was not the "person" they claim I was and not in their venue and jurisdiction, and if they proceeded to harass me they would all be lagally liable personally.
Two weeks later they interrogated me, and two weeks after that they attacked my home, pushing aside my protesting wife, all based upon fraud and political suppression.
No affidavit of probable cause attached to the illegal warrant signed by a magistrate who never read the law which plainly says "threatening" means "threats of bodily harm," which of course I never did.
Year and one half later they still have all my stuff.

Here's what I wrote at the time:

The agents stole items not even remotely having anything to do with USC T26 section 7212.

How can the following items taken in the search be in any way related to the alleged crime of threatening IRS agents with bodily harm?:

Our mortgages
our Deeds
our blank checks
our blank ledger statements
our stock certificates
our credit cards
our credit card bills
our financial records
our bank statements
our passports
our private personal correspondence
our computers
computers belonging to someone else
blank checks belonging to someone else
blank ledgd

It is outrageous that anyone along the chain of approval of this strictly illegal and unconstitutional action would condone the theft of these items which obviously have absolutely nothing to do with any investigation of the false alleged charge of "threatening IRS agents".

This raid was completely an illegal and savage attack upon our Rights in order to place us in fear, and to engage in a Gestapo mentality fishing expidition into the most private aspect of our lives.

The warrant itself is fraudulent. To look for and seize "evidence, fruits and instrumentalities concerning violations of 26 USC 7212(a)."

* This is preposterous. How can something sitting in our house be at all threatening to IRS employees. Anything that can be remotely considered "threatening" only becomes threatening to them if it has been sent to them or communicated to them. Any such evidence they were supposedly "trying to find" was already in their hands because our lawfull correspondence had to already have been sent or communicated to them to be illegal!

* US Magistrate Judge DiBianco, by approving a warrant to search for items already in the hands of the IRS and thereby allow the terrorizing of Private Citizens, is therefore himself acting in opposition to the Constitution without legal authority.

* Assistant US Attorney Craig Benedict, by asking for a search warrant to look in our house for items already in possession of the IRS is in violation of Public Law 330, violation of oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Title 28 Section 547. Note 48 states:

The United States Attorney is the representative not of an ordinary party to controversy, but of a sovereignty whose obligation to GOVERN IMPARTIALLY IS AS COMPELLING AS ITS OBLIGATION TO GOVERN AT ALL, and whose interest therefore, in criminal prosecution is not that it shall win a case but THAT JUSTICE SHALL BE DONE, and it is as much his duty to REFRAIN FROM IMPROPER METHODS calculated to produce a wrongful conviction as it is to USE EVERY LEGITIMATE MEANS TO BRING ABOUT A JUST ONE.
- U.S. v. Bess, C.A. 6 (Ky.) 1979, 593 F. 2nd 749.

A federal prosecutor must refrain from improper methods.
- U.S. v. Dolasco, C.A. 3 (N.J.) 1972, 470 F 2nd 1297, certiorari denied 93 S. Ct. 1558, 411 U.S. 919 36 L.Ed.2d 312

Mr McCabe is an internationally known and respected author of health books, an investigative journalist, and educator. He has appeared on 1, 500+ radio and TV shows and speaking platforms. He believes secret agreements have been made between international pharmaceutical drug company officials and various government agencies to exert pressure upon him to stop teaching people natural methods of healing through his books and lectures, and to destroy his reputation and good standing in the community.

* This raid was not about finding evidence of crimes, but a thinly veiled excuse to illegally terrorize us, ruin us financially, put us out of business, and steal all our confidential records, especially our huge oxygen therapy user mailing list. This brutal intrusion into our lives is a shocking example of runaway agencies and judicial systems and is political suppression and terror tactics pure and simple, financed by unseen hands in the pharmaceutical drug cartels. who don't want natural healing methods as taught by Mr. McCabe and others to hurt their business of profitable suffering and death as usual.

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