American People's Intelligence Lobby

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Posted by James Vernon, Allison on December 14, 1997 at 10:00:59:

What is APIL?

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Because government is now ungovernable,
corrupt, arrogant and abusive, APIL’s many faceted program was formulated to be an
association for, by, and of American Citizens, operating as a national intelligence
gathering organization, whose State and D.C. members will amass evaluate and record any
and all data regarding all governmental, and corporate misconduct in general, while
focusing specifically upon, and exposing that particular violator’s face, name and
the certified complaint brought against the abuser, all of which will be posted upon
APIL’s Internet page under "America’s Most un-Wanted". APIL was
validly created due to daily events that makes us deeply concerned, and we sincerely
believe, from our own personal involvements, that the greatest danger, and direst threat
to this Nation’s future is "government" in its present form.

Therefore on July 4 1997, APIL was conceived and its program theoretically established by
a few veterans representing all branches, who now live in various areas of our great
Country Since many of them possess military intelligence backgrounds it was concluded that
APIL’s format and function would be designed to parallel the "established"
intelligence agencies practices. In this manner every American young and old, will be
capable of reversing the insidious and coercive 60 years of government trend of
corruption, crime and abuse subjected upon American’s Rights.

A Nation-wide data base is being developed, regarding anyone that is within the
governmental or corporate existence. The information will be drawn from every possible
depository, i.e., registry of deeds (county recorder), the secretary of state’s
office files, court records, archives, libraries, publications, etcetera and implemented
in tandem with any American’s complaints of governmental abuse by identifying and
exposing that specific abuser within government and/or corporate life.

Today’s "government" at all levels, is deformed and has been purposely
perverted and changed from its original formation and constitutionally defined practices.

Government is now ungovernable it's devolved into a debased, lawyer ladened distortion of
lawful government. That lawful government must be restored!!! What now exists, and must be
exposed, is a corrupt, venal and vindictive Politically Organized Criminal Network. It is
not our government if the "government" does not function lawfully.

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