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Posted by Common Right Group on January 01, 1998 at 06:00:41:

In Reply to: Re: Cop crossed out my posted by James Vernon, Allison on December 31, 1997 at 08:52:26:

: : Someone mailed me a link.
: :
: : Has some "drivers license" information.
: : Any comments on the content of the site?

: I have a comment on lockwood, I used his ID when stopped for a speeding ticket and ended up in jail for "failure to provide ID", beleave it or not, that's a criminal charge in arizona (heavy sigh). when I wrote to lockwood and sent him back the ID's as per his money back guarantee, he refused to send me a refund and still refuses to send me a refund. if you get anything from him, i would suggest that you get his guarantee with his signature in original form, and not a copy of it.

As we don't live inside your skin, we are not presuming to have any hard answers for you, but we do have some questions. First of all, we have personally met Donald Merle in 1996 and found him to be a very reasonable man, in our estimation. That, however, does not go to the subject matter here.
What we propose asking you is, did you get into an argument with the cop on the street as to what constituted [valid] I.D.? If so, why do you argue with idiots. Remember, if he wasn't an idiot, he'd be Chief of Investigations, Cief of Police, State Attorney General, or some such thing. In roughly 3-1/2 months of cop academy, these imbeciles are run through a gauntlet of weapons training, hand-to-hand combat training, they are issued a few books to read, including one on "Techniques of Interrogation" in which the word "violator" shows up 34 times on one page. That is, you are presumed to be a "violator" if the cop can see you, here you, smell you, or merely know of your presence. What these thugs arte not taught is anything much to do with your rights, the limits of their authority, or any of that stuff. They are, however, taught how to overcome and beat down your arguments on these issues. Take a course in bonehead salesmanship 101 on these subjects of "overcoming objections" and "overcoming arguments" and
you'll see what we mean. Save your arguments for the court, the cop isn't paid to hear them. Document everything the cop does and says, however. If you're really bold, you might read him his "Miranda" rights and place him on notice. You might also serve him with a NOTICE OF DEMAND AND DEMAND FOR BILL OF PARTICULARS / REQUEST FOR MORE DEFINITE STATEMENT. The law requires all papers returned to the officer with the citation you [presumably] signed to be filed with the citation before the prosecutor and / or the Magistrate.
Also, you might notice that Donald Merle has suggested those I.D.s only for those who feel they have an obligation to carry an I.D. card, such as those who don't rightly know who they are without occasionally refering to a piece of paper, or those who imagine themselves subject to some imigration control act, or something. You should see the havoc we wreak on those foreign agents called U.S. Border Patrol in our neighborhood in the East of San Diego county. We're sort of proud of ourselves. Have never answered a question with anything but a question, and have never opened a trunk. Even told a couple of "back-end-bouncers" to get their filthy federal fingers offa my private junk. One said he thought I was carrying drugs or something and said he was going to call in a dog, so I suggested he call in a wolf pack. That was the end of that.
Ok, we're boasting a little, but the message is, if you truly know who you are, and are bold enough, you MAY be able to survive almost any encounter, but don't plan on it with the Municipal boys, they are un-educated. Tell it to the Judge or magistrate.
One more brief story, an we do mean brief, as this may not work for everybody or in front of all Magistrates. We went before a magistrate with a cop, having said not yet one word except, "let's go see the Magistrate - NOW!" The Mag. asked why I didn't just sign the citation and appear later, so I told him I didn't know of any law requiring any signature on anything except to take a privilege, and I figured getting released by th officer was either a privilege, or he'd be aiding and abetting an escape if I were really suspected of committing a crime. "Besides, Mr. Magistrate, I don't feel up to arguing with idiots on the street." Well, the cop lost his cool right there in front of the Magistrate Judge, and created such a scene and display of temper that the Mag. dismisssed me and ordered the cop detained until his supervisor could arrive and cool him down. Very rare, and very funny. Also, a one-in-a-million. What's our secret? Not really sure. Just know we've always hated bullies and are totally fed up with being treated badly. We're a little short on patience with ignorance, especially our own, and that is an attitude that is betrayed in every word and action. Remember, "Your thoughts will betray you." (always).

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