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Posted by Gary on February 17, 1998 at 05:35:41:

In Reply to: Re: Fed Tax Lien posted by reprint of a Patriot on February 10, 1998 at 16:56:24:

If You Have A Lien Or Levy Filed Against You From The IRS
If You Have Serious Debt Problems,
Our Program Can Eliminate The Problem!!

Using our methods, you can eliminate your debt problems, get the IRS off your back and provide you with a fresh start. This method is totally legal, using the rules of USC Title 11, chapter 13 we can totally remove IRS Liens and Levy's and other creditors.

You will eliminate your problems without having a bankruptcy on you record.!

The objective of filing for Bankruptcy is to provide you with a clean slate, a fresh start. What this program does is separate Real creditors from those creditors who cannot provide proof that they have had dealings with you in "lawful currency".

Dozens and dozens of cases have shown us that if we do not specifically name an agency, such as the IRS, banks, State Tax Boards etc., or other statutorily created organizations, these organizations will not attempt to prove a claim in court! It is our belief that they avoid this situation because they cannot provide legal proof in a court of law that you are a "taxpayer" or that you have an obligation to them in "lawful currency".

Under the Constitution of the United States of America, the ONLY "lawful currency" is gold and silver coin. Federal reserve Notes DO NOT constitute real money, "lawful currency".

If the IRS claims that you owe them, they MUST prove it. The commercial notice that you will send, using this procedure, provides them with the opportunity and obligates them to make a legal "presentment" in court, documenting their claim against you. If they cannot prove that you owe them, then you will withdraw your action. This halts all IRS actions against you, since they had an opportunity to prove that you owed them and they failed to come forward with that proof!

This is an educational program. You will be taught this procedure, guided through the process with one on one counseling, for a fee. The cost of the program is $700.
For more information Call:
505-296-2543 - Gary
408-264-8101 - Tony
610-525-3955 - RJ
505-891-2589 - Jeff

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