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Posted by Dave on February 23, 1998 at 09:11:45:

In Reply to: Attention Carl and others interested in effective Anti IRS info posted by Robbo on February 21, 1998 at 15:03:35:

: Carl,
: I agree based on talking with many persons who seem to know that the Save A Patriot site offers usable info on fighting IRS effectively. I've gone there and am impressed.

: A lot of the tax positions at most patriot sites are crap and many folks get into mucho trouble following them, not to mention the social embarassment. I have been advised my many to use Irwins Schiff's books for "educational" purposes only as his guidelines for how to fight the IRS get folks into more trouble than not.

: You may want to check out a book called "The Biggest Loophole Of All" by Otto Skinner, $44.95 total. Skinner tears apart most of the tax arguments at patriot sites and explains why they are obsolete, taken out of context or never having any basis in fact. He has published two other books dating back to 1986 and Loophole is his most recent, published in ' 97. The book isn't a walk in the park light reading as it weighs two pounds! One person i know claims he's used Skinner's method to fight the IRS since ' 92 and hasn't paid a dime in taxes nor suffered and levies since.

: His employer has refused to stop reporting his "income" to the IRS as they are more afraid of the IRS than they are of being sued by an employee. He's suing them for violating his rights. Unless the case is heard before a gutless judge (if it goes that far) who is also afriad of the IRS and bucking the system, he'll win as he has a ton of law behind him.

: Use a multi search engine like www. and search "otto skinner" and a few of his articles will pop up. He has no web site however.

Try looking here:

I'm not sure if it's his own website or not. But it sure looks that way.


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