Re: Question: How did you get copy of Manuel on C.L. courts ??

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Posted by Like to get in touch with Common Law Group on March 23, 1998 at 18:37:18:

In Reply to: Re: Question: How did you get copy of Manuel on C.L. courts ?? posted by Common Right Group on August 07, 1997 at 16:27:21:

: : One of these posts had a note about a manuuel for training judges
: : and D.A.'s on dealing with C.L. courts. After much phone calling,
: : I finally found the WestLaw group that made the manuel, but was told
: : that I could not order it. (i.e. did not have the right "association"
: : with a judicial group, I presume. Then get this:
: : I was asked why I was interested in it, and asked if was I a member of
: : a C.L. group to which I replied no. (They said they "had to ask this
: : question.") They said the Constitutionalists,patriots, etc. are
: : catching on to this, etc. My guess is that this tells judges, D.A.s
: : how to "deal with" C.L. courts. They said I might try to request it
: : from the admin courts in Austin, or request it thru a library.
: : (I got the impression that I was not the first non-judicial folk to
: : request this manuel).

: : QUESTION: Previous poster, HOW did you get a copy, please tell. The
: : name of the manuel is "Model Curriculum for Dealing with Common Law
: : Courts" I was told. Was told there's no ISBN number to identify it.
: : I cannot find that original post or my hardcopy of your post,
: : so your response would be appreciated.

: Very interesting post. We at Common Right Group had one [copy of the "manual"] laid in our hands about the end of May. The down-side is that the "manual" contains about 350+ pages, so just the copy costs alone make it a tad expensive for many people.
: However, Ann, or anyone else that wants a copy can obtain it for slightly over cost.
: Please send private e-mail and we'll discuss how that can be done.
: The "manual" is published by State Justice Institute, National Center for State Courts - INSTITUTE FOR COURT MANAGEMENT; a division or subsidiary of WestLaw or the Training course is being put on by WestLaw, it isn't really clear. The particicular "manual that we have [a copy of] is from the course taght at Scottsdale, Arizona, Febrary 5-7, 1997.
: The "course" was developed under a grant, Award No. SJI-96-02B-B-159. The course is intended to be taught to Federal and State judicial officers, U.S. Attorneys, D.A.s, etc. like that.
: In the manual are the known names of numerous people including, without limit, Leroy Schweitzer, Linda Thompson, M.O.M., Darrel Frech, certain Biblical study groups, web sites, and so on and so forth, ad infinitum. Looks like they tried to name anybody and everybody that ever questioned the "unquestionable" authority of any government or its agents. Well... almost.
: The most interesting discernable feature of the "manual" is that it obiously intends to subvert the principles on which these united States and the whole American political systems were founded. There is even included a schedule of where these courses are scheduled, and when. Nice to know for those who may be wanting to watch for sudden changes in their courts subsequent to these seminar courses being held.
: As the particular document is produced under a grant of public funds, and the law is always administered in the name of the People of...., etc., any presumption that the said document [manual] does not belong in the public domain is clearly erroneous, in our opinion.
: Please try to understand and respect that we desire to remain privately anonymous for the time being. Something about survival.

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