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Posted by Bruce A Hedrick on March 24, 1998 at 06:22:01:

In Reply to: Re: Speeding ticke in Texas posted by Michael Bowers on October 29, 1997 at 08:22:25:

Rich Bellon and his darling family stold my books and the books of others:

Advantage Publishing is a phony company set up by a
small time scam artist by the name of Rich Bellon.  Rich and family are in
the business of stealing other people's words, setting them to a new look,
and publishing them noting Rich as the author.  He has also been known to
make deals with authors to promote their book, and sale that book without
reimbursing the author claiming to not make any sales.  How do I know?  I
use to be a partner with Rich in Legal Research located here in Redding,
California (soon to be relocated in Utah or somewhere up there unless I (we)
can shut it down completely).
Rich stold the words from a book called "Defensible Position," almost
completely word for word, and put a new cover on it, changed the name to
"IRS Under Attack," and used this book as his own writing.  IRS Under Attack
was the catalyst for his then new creation, Advantage Publishing, and he
used this stolen book to promote himself as a leader in the so-called
patriot movement.  The real author of Defensible Position is Bob Singleton
of the Information Resource Association (<> ).
Several other books that Rich offers as his own, to include: 1) The Traffic
Ticket Scam, 2) IRS Under Indictment, 3) You, Your Health and the FDA & AMA,
were written by me, with my own research.  Rich stold these "books" off my
computer, shut down the office (LRA) and moved.  He then later used my
material to actually print up some books and put his name on them as the
author.  He now has a website selling these books as his own.
His website is full of lies.  He has never been charged with any civil case
by the IRS and he does file yearly income taxes.  What he went to court and
to jail for was two cases of assault, including one on a 68 year old female
process server.  Yes, Rich, myself, and a former friend named B.E. Smith
filed a federal (bivens) law suit against some federal agents including some
IRS employees a few years ago, but it has been a lesson in futility.  His so
called firm, Legal Research & Assoc., does not include anybody except his
scaming family members, none of which are even a legal secretary.  There is
not one college degree between all of them, AA or BA level, and Rich is near
the iliterate level in reading and comprehension (Careful though, he can
sure talk a first rate game!).  The fact that he would publish my traffic
book leaving my story in it goes to evidence of this (story below).
I am hoping that you will do the right thing and remove his link from your
page.  Also, if you know of any other links to his page please let me know.
If you need further proof don't hesitate to contact me.  Included in my
proof, for instance, is something that shows his own stupidity.  He failed
to read my books before he published them and there are some clear
references that prove he is not the author.  For instance, The Traffic
Ticket Scam includes a story about the writer being stopped in his 1964
Dodge pickup and being cited for not wearing a seat belt.  This is my story
and my truck and my court case; clearly an easy issue to prove or disprove.
Mrs. Robbins (< >)did some of the editing on these books when
they were still in the making stage on my computer and she knows who she
worked with during her questions about their meaning/content.
Again, if you know of any other links to Legal Research or Advantage
Publishing please let me know.        -In His Name,    Bruce

from      OregonLife BELLON <>


date     Apr 3, 2007 9:37 AM  

subject  Rich Bellon - Cell 541-778-2272



Hello Mr. Mitchell,


My name is Rich Bellon author of IRS UNDER INDICTMENT!


I have had numerous people write to me informing me of some very hurtful things posted on your website by Bruce Headrick. Most recently from my son who is in high school and was researching our family


I first must apologize for having to bother you and take you from your busy schedule. I know how busy you must be because I spent the last fourteen years trying to expose the federal and state governments just as you are doing.


I would like to send you a copy of my book and video tape proving that I, with the help of others put those books together not Mr. Headrick. In the book you will see motions that I filed in my case and many other supportive documents to prove this point.

Mr. Headrick has never filed any action in federal or state courts concerning citizen’s right etc. As a matter of fact, we could hardly get him through the defense of his traffic ticket because of his abrasive attitude.


A little about Mr. Headrick. We not Mr. Headrick formed a group called Legal Research and Associates and we had been together for several years. One of my partners had some work done at Mr. Headrick’s muffler shop and my partner shared with him what our research group was doing. After attending one of our legal meetings Mr. Headrick stressed how he would like to learn to fight traffic tickets using the procedures we had discovered and where applying successfully.


As it turned out, Mr. Headrick has a very extensive vocabulary and great typing skills and wanted to help with the formatting of our motions. This was a major blessing to us since this was something we were not that great at. We were just average citizens trying to make a difference.


To make a long story short he did nothing more then that, typed our motions and took care of the grammar. We researched and produced the law, facts and the formatting and he did the typing, grammar and nothing more.


It got to a point where some of the group members were not getting along with Mr. Headrick. We asked him not to come around our office any longer and that was the beginning of some major problems. Mr. Headrick is not the type you just let go and move on with his life. He has to make a dent in your life before he can feel as if he is the winner.


Several weeks after letting him go our office was broken into and some things were stolen. We had no idea who it was and did not even think Mr. Headrick would be involved with such a thing. Then the magic phone call came in. A woman from an apartment complex called and said there were some blank checks blowing around in the parking lot by the dumpster. I went straight there and sure enough those were Legal Research checks blowing everywhere but guise who’s property was behind that dumpster? Bruce Headrick’s. We called the police and they could get no finger prints that matched his. Even though he was never caught just the fact that those checks were directly behind his house gave our whole group the satisfaction that we made the right decision when letting him go because the chances of those check ending up there by someone else would be a ten million to one.


If Mr. Headrick produced such a book as IRS UNDER INDICTMENT he would certainly have documentation such as briefs filed with a court supporting the arguments in the book. Furthermore, the legal opinion letters in the books from Guy Curtis, Floyd Wright and Bill Conklin would be addressed to him but as you can see for yourself they are addressed to my wife and me.


We have sacrificed fourteen years trying to fight for our freedoms and at the same time raising five children. When my wife and I took on the task of trying to do what is right, we never imagined that there would be so much internal fighting and division between the so called patriots.


I will also provide a RICO suit filed in San Francisco Ca. with the help of my uncle Joe Bellon. I am not providing this to prove to you that the suite is good or bad but the fact that the legal knowledge is there. So even after eight years of supposedly steeling his book my group and I are the ones still trying to help with legal justice for THE PEOPLE.  Mr. Headrick has not one document proving he has the legal expertise to put together such a book as IRS UNDER INDICTMENT!


Please help me and my family by removing those hurtful things from your website.


My phone line is open if you ever wish to discuss this matter or in fact share some of the legal battles we both have gone through over the years.



Please call me, 541-778-2272





Rich Bellon

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