"A Nation Betrayed"

                        A Public Lecture


                      St. Mary's Cathedral,
                    San Francisco, California


               Lieutenant Colonel James "Bo" Gritz
                       (U.S. Army-Retired)

                          June 1, 1990

                   (An Unofficial Transcript)

Introduction by a member of
The Committee for Open Government

There are  many people  still coming  in.  So we're going to wait
just a  few minutes,  and please  help yourself  to coffee  while
you're waiting.

I'd like to ask everyone to please be seated.  We're going to get

Good evening  everyone, and  welcome to  our public  lecture with
Retired Colonel  James Gritz  [rhymes with  "nights"].  Tonight's
lecture is  sponsored by  a  local  volunteer  group.    We  call
ourselves The  Committee for Open Government.  Our Group supports
the work of the Christic Institute.

The Christic  Institute is  a national,  non-profit,  inter-faith
center for  law and  public policy.  They have a Washington, D.C.
headquarters, and  a local  office here  in San Francisco.  Since
its founding  in 1980, the Christic Institute has won some of the
most celebrated  public interest  law suits  of this decade.  One
that is  especially well  known is  the case  against  Kerr-McGee
Nuclear Power  Company that  was won  for  the  family  of  Karen
Silkwood.  It is to benefit the work of the Christic Institute in
maintaining  our   freedoms,  and   the  form  of  constitutional
government in  the United  States, that we sponsored this benefit
tonight and asked Colonel Gritz to join us.

Right now,  just to  give  you  a  sense  of  what  the  Christic
Institute is  doing, they're  advancing a  federal civil  suit on
behalf of  two U.S.  journalists.  The journalists are named Tony
Avirgan and  Martha Honey.   Tony  Avirgan was a victim of a bomb
blast in  1984 while  he was  attending a  press conference in La
Penca, Nicaragua.    Tony  Avirgan  and  his  wife  Martha  Honey
investigated that  bombing, as  have  others,  and  the  evidence
revealed that  the La  Penca press  conference was  bombed in  an
attempt to  assassinate the  anti-Sandinista leader Eden Pastora.
Pastora, just  prior to  this press conference, had refused to go
along with a plan to organize the Contras, which was set forth by
a covert team of U.S. military and intelligence agents.

Full examination  of the  circumstances of  the La  Penca bombing
identified a pattern of criminal activity conducted by the secret
operations team.    Some  of  their  exploits  include  political
assassinations and  trading guns for crack cocaine to finance the

The Christic  Institute's La  Penca law suit was filed six months
before the  Iran-Contra scandal  broke  nationwide.    And  their
findings  have  been  reinforced  not  only  by  the  Iran-Contra
investigation, but  also by  a report  that  was  released  by  a
committee to  the U.S.  Senate (it's  the Subcommittee on Foreign
Relations)   and also  by a recent criminal probe of the La Penca
bombing that was done by the Costa Rican government.

These reports  really are  clear indictments that the White House
war on  drugs is  a sham,  and that cocaine pouring onto American
streets from Central America, while this covert team is waging an
illegal war  with the  Contras against  Nicaragua, is  not just a
mere coincidence.

While coming  at his  evidence of the covert network from quite a
different perspective  than those  of us  who might  be  labelled
progressives, liberals, or "peaceniks," Colonel Gritz has come to
some  of   the  same   conclusions  as   the  Christic  Institute
investigators.   Colonel Gritz  began his military career in 1957
and served in many high-level intelligence missions.  He has been
decorated 62  times for  valor in  combat, and was 8 times behind
Communist lines  in Asia  in search of prisoners of war.  Colonel
Gritz's military  career inspired  Hollywood to tell his story in
the movies "Rambo" and "Uncommon Valor."

Colonel Gritz  has aptly  titled his  lecture tonight  "A  Nation
Betrayed."   On the  cover of  his informative  and controversial
book, for  which tonight's  lecture is so named, he states, and I

     "While on  a White  House sanctioned  mission to  verify the
     presence of  U.S. prisoners  of war being held in the secret
     camp of  General Khun  Sa, the  heroin overlord  of  Burma's
     Golden Triangle,  the  identities  of  the  world's  largest
     purchasers of  opium and  heroin were revealed to me.  After
     30 years  of military  service in  covert operations, I knew
     these men well.  They are the past and present top officials
     of  the   U.S.  Department   of  Defense   and  the  Central
     Intelligence Agency."

Please help me to welcome Colonel "Bo" Gritz.

[Colonel Gritz begins his lecture:]

Well, it's  a great  credit to  you that this is Friday night, in
San Francisco, one of the beautiful cities of our nation, and you
aren't at  home watching  the Simpsons,  or Wheel  of Fortune, or
something on  an equal  intellectual level  as that.   You're not
even there  watching "The 7 O'Clock News" with Peter Jennings and
Dan Rather,  et al.   What  you're getting  here is certainly not
"The 7  O'Clock News,"  because I'm  going to  tell you the truth
about what's going on in the nation as I have lived it today.

A lot  of you  come  from  different  walks  of  life,  different
dimensions than  I do.   My  entire life,  from the time I was 18
years old, has been spent in the uniform of the United States.  I
started out  as a  youngster not  wanting to do anything but wear
that uniform,  and I  have worn  it with  great pride, and I have
done many  things, a lot of them wrong.  But, nonetheless, I have
done what  my nation  thought was  right at  the time,  at  least
that's what they told me.

Now, it  is like coming from a dimension that you've never been a
part of.   Not  too many  of you  out there  have  probably  been
involved in  honest-to-God covert  operations within  the  United
States government.   Most  of my  life has been spent doing that.
So, it's  like I  step from a fourth dimension into your life.  I
don't know  much about what you've been doing either.  And what I
have done is to share my experiences with you, so you have a more
clear understanding about what is going on in the real world.

And you  are beginning to share your experiences with me, so that
I can  get caught  up to speed on what's been going on here also,
because it  is honestly like a blind man feeling the elephant.  I
have been at one particular part of that beast's anatomy, feeling
and saying  this is what the world is.  And you have been at your
own particular station.  Together, I think, as Americans we don't
need to  be Republic or Democrat, or right or left, or liberal or
conservative.   That is  what the  beast would  have  us  be,  is

But, if  we can  just be  Americans for  a change,  I have  great
confidence that  we  don't  need  to  flee  this  land  of  great
blessings but, if we will stand firm, and be hard like woodpecker
lips, that  in the  end we'll  win.   I  have  to  believe  that,
otherwise you'd  need to  bury  me,  because  there  wouldn't  be
anything left for this warrior to continue life for.

This is  the greatest nation on the face of the earth.  There are
not boat loads of Americans headed for the Soviet Union.  And so,
no matter  what our  ills are, and they are many and great today,
nonetheless, we  still have the one alternative that everyone who
is not  here would  want to be here to share, and that is liberty
like no  other group  of human beings has known it in the history
of time that we have record of.

Now, what  we have  going on  today is very simply something that
most of  you have  engaged in.   How  many of  you here have ever
played poker,  any kind,  strip poker, stud poker, one-eyed Jack,
whatever?  You know that, in a poker game, the object of the game
is for  one person  to end  up with  all the  chips.   And that's
what's been  going on,  on a  global basis,  for many  years, far
beyond our lifetimes.

If you  will simply  look back at history, you can see that there
are global  poker players who have discovered some of the secrets
of winning  this game.   What  is exciting  about our lifetime is
that we  are here  to witness  what could  be the end of the game
because, as  you know,  when somebody ends up with all the chips,
it means  all the  rest have none.  And then you have to stop the
game.  The chips have to be somehow redistributed, if the game is
to go  on.  Well, I have great faith that we're going to win, but
we're not  going to  win unless  we change what we're doing right

I have  been called  by the  media "a one-man government wrecking
machine."  And I am guilty.  I fully intend, if needs be, to take
the government  apart.  I don't know how to put it back together.
But, I will take it apart for you, and I'm after it right now.

I have  faith that,  among 240 million Americans, there are those
out there,  some of  them here  tonight, who  do have good ideas.
I'm going  to share  some of  the ideas that some of these people
have given  me, because  we will  need to put the government back
together again,  and restore  OUR  government  in  place  of  THE
government, because we hear a lot of people complaining about THE
government today,  and it's  a very  proper term.   It is not our
government as  we were  given that  government by our forefathers
under the  Constitution.  And it's easy to prove:  there are only
two kinds of government in the entire world, and one of them is a
government that we know as a republic.

Now, a  true republic  means that  there is law, and that men are
accountable to  the law  of the  land, and  no one is exempt.  It
means even  the highest  in the  government must  be  accountable
under law.  Now, if you don't have law and accountability, all of
the rest,  you can  call it  a theocracy, like the Ayatoilet had;
you can  call it  fascism;   you can call it a monarchy, like the
Shah.   Well, the  Shah of  Iran, he  was a  good monarch,  but a
better of example is the King of Saudi Arabia.  He doesn't have a
parliament to tell him what to do.  You can label it anything you
want to,  a dictatorship, but it comes down to one word, and that
is tyranny.

You either  have accountability  under law,  in the  form that we
know as  a republic,  or you can group about fifteen other labels
over here  under tyranny,  which means "deniability."  Nobody has
to account if you are a tyrant, if you are a dictator.  You don't
care what  the people  think.   There is  no accountability.  You
simply use  plausible denial  for national  security  purpose[s].
And that  is what  we have today, and the proof is public record.
Poindexter, guilty.  Ollie North, guilty.  Secord, guilty.  Hakim
is guilty.   And  of  course  Casey,  never  tried,  didn't  know
anything as  head of  the  CIA.    Ronald  Reagan,  never  tried,
honestly didn't  know anything.   And  George  Bush  didn't  know
anything either;  never tried yet.

But, George  Bush, I think, would consider it a great insult, and
he must  be biting  his lip,  when he  has to say, "I didn't know
anything," a man who was head of the CIA under Gerald Ford, a man
who was Vice President for 8 years as the "czar" (their term, not
mine) in  the war  on drugs,  a man  who is  now President of the
United States  and doesn't  know anything.   It isn't a very good
testimony for  someone who  would lead the greatest nation on the
face of the earth.

Tonight I  think we're  going to  find out  a lot more about what
George Bush  does know,  about what's  going on.   And, more than
just  complaining   about  it,  I  want  tonight  to  offer  some
solutions, because  we fully  intend to start the second American
Revolution, and  we're going  to do  it.  We're going to fire the
first shots  in Las  Vegas on  the 22nd,  23rd, and 24th of July.
We're pooling  together what we call pro-American groups from all
over the  United States  at a  convention that  we have  labelled
"Freedom Call '90."

We are  going to  stop squabbling about the things we don't agree
on, and we're going to focus instead on the major problems facing
this nation, and the solutions, and the things that we will agree
on.   And then, as a unified body (something that the beast fears
more than  anything else,  a unified  America), we'll  take 2,400
splinter groups, because that's how many we've identified,  2,400
separate pro-American groups.  Not a one of them has a voice loud
enough to  be heard  in Washington,  and all  of our arms are too
short unless  we do  it collectively  to get our arms around this
problem.  But, if we can just get together.

Now, the  convention will  be to  define  the  problems  and  the
solutions.   You know as well as I do, as soon as people left Las
Vegas and  got back home and put on their slave clothing and went
back to  work, they  would probably forget;  their energies would
be drained.  So we have a method (I'll describe it later) that is
going to  network, coordinate,  communicate, so  that none of you
who are  part of  this second  revolution will  be alone  in  any
battle that  you may  fight,  and  that,  collectively,  we  will
restore our birthright as Americans.

Now, we  have this  one hill  to take,  and that is Capitol Hill.
I'll certainly  be there  to help  you take it.  But, you know as
well as  I do  that the  reason you  don't run  for  politics  is
because you  don't want  to get dirty wallowing with the hogs.  I
have made  a statement.  I didn't know what to do.  I am a leader
who tries  to lead  by example.   I  can honestly  say that there
isn't anything  (and some  of the  troops that have been under my
command would  verify this,  I think) there isn't anything that I
have ordered  them to  do that  I hadn't  done with  them or done
first of all.

And, in  this case,  I didn't know how we were to get good people
into politics.   And  so, not knowing what that ground is like, I
undertook a campaign two years ago, with three months left to go,
by throwing  my hat  in the political ring as a candidate for the
U.S. Congress  in Nevada,  District 1;  had no endorsement of any
party.   I was  a  registered  Republican,  so  I  entered  as  a
Republican.   But having no endorsement, I was an indicted felon.
I had  only three  months.   I had  no campaign  manager.   I had
nothing literally  that anyone would consider a winning equation,
and damned near won the election.

It shows  you that,  if good  people  who  are  not  professional
politicians, will come out of the woodwork (you may have to draft
them) that  there is  an alternative to the one-party system that
we have  here in America today.  At least the Soviet Union admits
it   --  they have one party.  But, you know, I voted for Wallace
one time;   you  might have too.  I was in Vietnam.  I don't know
where you  were when  I voted  for Wallace.   But, he was running
against Nixon  and Humphrey,  and he  said something that is true
today.   There's not  a dime's  worth  of  difference  between  a
Democrat or  a Republican.   And  you know  it's true.  And we're
finding that  third parties really don't work too well either, so
I'm not advocating a third party.

As I  have mentioned  in the  beginning, we are going to take the
government apart,  because it is not working right now, and we'll
put it  back together.  We will probably have to use conventional
party lines  because, the truth is, the Libertarians will get out
there and  beat the  drum;   the Populists  will do  this;    and
you['ve] got  all kinds  of parties,  but they  don't  carry  any
constituency with them.

So, if  we're going to really make a dent, if we're going to make
a difference (and we have to do it fairly soon, as I'll hopefully
outline for  you in  the next hour), we're going to probably have
to do  it along  conventional lines.  And again, I don't have all
the answers,  but I  am going  to share  some of the answers I do
have   and as  a result of "Freedom Call '90" in Las Vegas.  And,
by the way, you're all invited.

It's interesting,  we made a talk in Seattle, Washington, about a
month ago.  It was on Saturday.  When we got back to Las Vegas, a
travel agent  called on  Monday and said that she was booking 200
people from Seattle to "Freedom Call '90" as a result of that one
talk.  I know we're going to have standing room only, if only for
the feds  that will be there to keep an eye on us going.  You can
imagine getting  all of  these different  groups together.  We're
going to  have folks that are in direct opposition to each other,
and that's OK because, if we will just be Americans for a change,
we will  walk in  lockstep to do something that is to the good of
this entire nation.

And so,  I have  started that off by telling you that I think the
problem is  that we're  engaged in a global poker game.  The good
news is,  it's exciting  nowadays because  we're about to see the
ending of  that game;   or the redistribution of the chips of the
game will go on.

When you  read history,  and I  haven't been  an historian ... My
life in Special Operations has been like trying to paint a moving
train.   I barely  have time to keep up with what's happening now
in my own life, let alone read about what's gone on before.  But,
in Special Forces, we are students, and history is very important
because what's past is prologue.  And normally who writes history
is writing  the future.   And it all depends, of course, on who's
writing it, as far as what happened.

But, when  you read  history, and you read between the lines, you
can see  that there have been individuals that have emerged, that
have become  global poker  players.   One of them is a man by the
name of  Rothschild.   He discovered a long time ago that, if you
can finance  the both  sides of  a war, and have no allegiance to
anyone, there's  tremendous profit  in that  and, if you can keep
stirring this  thing up, then you can literally make fortunes and
gain tremendous power.

And so, some time ago, there was an interesting coup.  We look at
the Queen  of England  and say,  well, she's  British.   Baloney!
She's not.   The  House of  Windsor is  a German descendant.  And
very simply  there was the Prince of Orange, as he was known, and
they pulled  a coup  and put the Orange family in from Holland in
England, and  then they  changed the  name to  Windsor.   But, up
until the American Revolution, the British really had no soldiers
of their  own.   It was interesting because the House of Windsor,
which was  the German  descendant family, would rent the soldiers
from the family of Hess in Germany;  and these rented mercenaries
commanded tremendous wages.  The House of Hess got this.

And so what was really happening was:  you had a head of state in
England that used no British men of war, but instead hired German
mercenaries, and paid their own families for the hiring.  And one
way that  they got  money, interestingly  enough  (and  it's  not
something that  George Bush  invented), came from the opium trade
out of the East India Company that Great Britain is famous for.

And so,  when you  look at drugs today, and you look at big money
and international  banking and  this global  poker game, it comes
down to  really just  a few  players.    There's  not  a  lot  of
[players].   You're not a player;  I'm not a player.  Unless your
name is  Rockefeller and you are a famous person and known in New
York and  you're here and I don't see you, then you're not really
a player.

But there are probably a dozen, maybe fifteen, players, including
some Orientals  now, that  the Trilateral Commission has promoted
(of course, the economics of Japan, Europe, and America). And so,
we now have some of the greatest wealth in the world accumulating
in the Orient.  These poker players, very simply, have it in mind
to win the game, and we are simply pawns in their service.

Now, when you look at the Third World nations (let's discuss them
for just  a minute,  the emerging nations), you could almost call
it the  Third World  War, not  meaning that  it's World  War III.
But, it  is a  war against  the Third  World to simply keep these
people  producing   export  goods   for  America,   or  for   the
international bankers.

I have had some unique experiences, and that's what I really want
to share  with you.   I am not here to give you my own philosophy
on what's  wrong with the world.  But, what I am here to do is to
sort of  link these  things together,  and then share with you my
own personal experience.

I commanded  Special Forces  in Latin America, [at] the same time
George Bush  was head of the CIA.  For me, it was 1975 thru 1977.
During that  period of  time, I  saw a couple of things happening
that I think are important today.

Number one  is, we  saw Manuel Noriega, who was not the dictator.
Omar Torrijos  was the dictator then, and Manuel was a real gutsy
guy who was his intelligence officer.  Manuel Noriega had ties to
Fidel Castro;   he  was a Communist.  He also was sabotaging some
of the installations in the Panama Canal.

In addition  to that,  and [of] major import, I thought, was that
Manuel Noriega  was becoming the major distributor, the king pin,
for cocaine  coming out  of Central  America and  going into  the
United States.   They  were using  the Panama Canal and the gates
were wide open, and they opened in 1976.

Now (I'm  not proud  to say  so, it  was just  simply my  job) we
targeted Manuel Noriega, and then I made a recommendation that we
eliminate him  with extreme  prejudice.   In the  vernacular,  it
means that  we take  him out,  we assassinate him.  We could have
done that without missing a coffee break.

Now,  to   you  it  may  seem  horrifying  that  we,  a  military
organization  in   Central  America,   would   even   contemplate
assassinating another  officer like  Manuel Noriega,  who was  an
official of  Panama.   But, in  the game,  remember, I'm  from  a
different dimension,  and I've  been behind  the veil  of  covert
operations, while  you've been  out here.  I'm simply relating to
you what goes on.

The way  we play  the game is, if you are a drug smuggler hurting
our country, and you are also a Communist, which we are trying to
fight, and  stem the tide of Communism in those days ...  Now, of
course, we  find out  that it's  all OK.  Gorbachev is man of the
decade.   He may even run against George Bush.  It would probably
be a better alternative than Dukakis.

But, when  you see  that  you  have  Pineapple  Face  that  is  a
deterrent to  all that,  as a  soldier, I was interpreting as our
national objectives in Central America, then my way of projecting
force is  to take him out.  We could do that.  We could no longer
have Manuel  Noriega as  a player.  Would that mean that the game
would stop?   No,  somebody else might take it over, but we would
at least have won a battle there.

Now, to  my surprise,  I received  a  visit  from  the  chief  of
intelligence, and  he could  have sent me a radiogram (an encoded
message) but  he didn't.   I  got shot in the back of the head in
Vietnam.  The bullet bounced off.  I am hard-headed.  That proves
it.   He knew  me fairly  well.   I think  he might have thought,
well, Bo  will go  ahead and  do it anyway and just say he didn't
get the message.  So, he came to Panama and he told me summarily,
quote, "You  keep your  hands off  of Manuel  Noriega.    He  has
immense value at the highest levels."

Now, what the hell does that mean?  "Immense value at the highest
levels."   A man who is literally opening the gates of the Panama
Canal, flooding  the United States with cocaine, which, if you'll
look back, that is when America got hard hit with cocaine and has
ever since.  And he has immense values?

And so,  when I  pressed the  General to  find out precisely what
these values  were, and  to who[m]  they were  a value,  he said,
"Well, Bo,  one is,  he informs  us about  what Castro is doing."
Who cares  about the  little bearded  man with the cigar anymore?
Standard Oil  pays Fidel  Castro almost  $800 million  a year for
royalty rights  pumping petroleum  out of  Angola.   It more than
pays for  the Marxist effort in Angola, and gives Castro a lot of
jingle in his pocket to spread around Central America.  So I knew
that that  wasn't a  major thing.   Our own companies are helping

And so  then he said, "Well Bo, he's going to inform us about how
the negotiations  for the  turnover of the Panama Canal are going
to go."   We  were giving the Panama Canal away.  Why did we need
to be informed about how the negotiations were going to go?  None
of it made any sense.

But, as  a good soldier in those days, you know, I simply came to
attention, and  said, "Yes,  sir, Manuel  Noriega will  have free
rein.   We won't  touch him."   And  we did  not.   We created  a
Frankenstein in  Manuel Noriega.  George Bush was paying him more
than the President of the United States to be a CIA retainer.

Now, if  any of you have any covert operations experience, I wish
you'd be courageous tonight and relate to me during the question-
and-answer period,  anyone that  you have  ever  known  that  has
gotten that  much money from the CIA  --  $200,000 a year to be a
retainer.   I don't  think that  the people  that sold the atomic
bomb secrets  got that  much money.   I  don't know  of any other
agent that's  gotten that much money straight across the board as
an agency  retainer.  It's just not heard of.  But Manuel Noriega
was, and for what purpose?

Well, in  1976, I didn't understand it.  But, there was something
else going on.

The second  point I  want to  make to  you  is  this:    We  were
preparing to put a new canal in Nicaragua;  now, that I knew very
well of.   Jimmy  Carter had  arranged to  give away  the  Panama
Canal, because the Panama Canal is obsolete.

You see,  the way  this game  works is  that we  have  tremendous
foundations   --   the Ford  Foundation, the Carnegie Foundation,
the Rockefeller  Foundation.   We have  these think  tank groups,
like Rand  Corporation.   These tremendous foundations fund these
think tanks.   The  think tanks  look at  all aspects, but mainly
economic, and  they see what needs to happen in the years to come
if big  business is to continue.  And then they make reports, and
the reports  come down  to people  like the Bilderberg Group, the
Trilateral Commission,  and the  Council  on  Foreign  Relations.
Then the  decisions are  made at this level as to what the nation
will do.

The President  is underneath  these people.   And, in the case of
Jimmy  Carter,  I  think  that  it's  provable  that  Rockefeller
literally picked  him out  of the  peanut patch  and made  him  a
President, for the purpose of expediting things that needed to be
done, in accordance with these think tank groups.

Now, one  of the  things that  needed to  be done  is, the Panama
Canal had  to be  phased out,  because super tankers were soon to
come in.  I don't know the year that super tankers arrived, but I
know in  1977, when  I was there in Panama, we had plans to shift
our efforts  into constructing  a new  canal in  Nicaragua.  But,
first of  all, we  had to pass off the old one.  Otherwise, there
wouldn't be  an excuse  for exploiting because, how were we going
to get  Lake Nicaragua  and the  San Juan  River  away  from  the
Nicaraguans and the Costa Ricans?

Well, Teddy  Roosevelt had a pretty good answer in how we got the
Panama Canal,  because there  wasn't Panama.   But  in 1900, they
decided we're going to put a canal in.  We sent the USS Nashville
down, that  stood offshore.   We  sponsored a  coup, and  it  was
convenient that  the State  Department was  on hand when Colombia
said, "OK,  you got  it.   We're going  to give you Panama."  And
then Panama said, "And in all perpetuity, we give you an area for
your canal."   So,  that's how  we got  the Panama  Canal. It was
acceptable  in   those  days.   It  was  simply  called  "gunboat

Now, we  didn't know  exactly, as  far as  the studies that I had
access to,  how we  were going to get Nicaragua because, you see,
the Panama  Canal cannot be enlarged any more.  Lake Gatun is the
controlling factor for the Panama Canal  and Lake Gatun comes off
the Chagres River and is at its maximum capacity.  You can't make
it any  bigger;   so the  canal can't be widened;  so there is no
super tanker going to transit the Panama Canal.

Now, the  think tank  guys also  saw that Japan was going to need
access to  iron ore out of the Amazon basin, and Japan would need
access to  our East  Coast.   This meant  super canal  somewhere.
Lake Nicaragua  was perfect.  It's 90 feet above sea level.  It's
a tremendously large lake, the largest lake in Latin America.  It
is a  natural lake,  which is  the only  fresh water lake to have
killer sharks and barracuda in it.

The reason  that it  has killer  sharks is  because this  area is
located right  along the  Ring of  Fire, the  geological Ring  of
Fire.   There are  tremendous earthquakes.    You  think  we  got
troubles here.   Managua, you read about it all the time, it gets
tremendous shake-up.   And  in the  years gone past, there was an
earthquake that literally lifted Lake Nicaragua out of the ocean,
capturing all  of the  water life  that was  there and,  over the
generations, it  has adapted  as the salt water turned to a fresh
water environment.  And now, literally, you have killer sharks in
Lake Nicaragua.   It  is 90  feet above  sea level.   It  makes a
perfect Lake  Gatun for  a super  canal.   The San  Juan River is

It isn't  without precedent  that we picked Nicaragua for the new
canal.   Back in  1847, when  did you discover gold here?  OK, in
'49.   In 1849,  (I said  I wasn't  an historian,  but history is
important, so  I may  miss a  little, but shooting back that far,
we're getting  pretty close)  you discovered  gold  out  here  in
California.  The people in New York wanted it.  It was "non-habit
forming" to come across Indian territory to get it.

And so,  there was  a man  named Vanderbilt, and Vanderbilt had a
steam line  in New York.  And so, it was real simple.  Vanderbilt
used his steam line and he put New Yorkers aboard a luxury liner,
and  they   went  right   on  around  and  they  stopped  at  the
Nicaragua/Costa Rican  border, the  San Juan  River, which is the
border, and  they steamed up the border to Lake Nicaragua, across
Lake Nicaragua.   And  then there's  about a 17-mile spit of land
that separates  the Pacific  Ocean from  what would  then be  the
Atlantic Ocean.

And so they got off the steamer, rode in a stage coach along what
was known  as the  Vanderbilt Road.  The pilings of that dock are
still there  today.   It's going  to be wonderful when I tell you
about what's  going to happen there.  They then would get off the
stage, get  on another steam liner, and go right on around to San
Francisco.   And that is how the gold was transferred, the miners
this way,  and the  gold came  back the same way.  Well, that was
1849 and  it was  called the  Vanderbilt Road.  I don't know what
they're going  to name the new canal.  But it ought to be, maybe,
the Vanderbilt  Road, the  New Vanderbilt  Road, because  we  are
going to dig it.

Now, if  you read  the newspaper  in 1986,  you'll see  where the
Soviet Union had surveyed Nicaragua and the San Juan River, which
is the border, a mutual border for a while between Costa Rica and
Nicaragua, to make their own canal.  But they couldn't do it.  It
is just  too big  of a  project to do using conventional methods.
And so,  Japan went in, and they surveyed it;  so, it's been well
surveyed because we had already surveyed it.

But we  can do it, and they can't.  And the way we're going to do
it is  by using  nuclear demolitions.   Now,  this should  be  of
interest to you because California was going to be the target for
a test,  and it  never came  off.   I can't  imagine why!   Maybe
there's too  many green people, not meaning EBE's, but Greenpeace
people that raised hell over it.

But back  when, remember?   I  like Ike.  I was a lieutenant when
Ike was  there.   It was  a good thing to like Ike.  That's why I
became a  Republican in those days.  Ike started a program called
"Nukes for Peace."  And just north of Las Vegas (I live now about
50 miles  southwest.  I try to get just as far southwest as I can
and still have a habitable area.)  but north at Yucca Mountain is
where they did all of the "sedan," it was called, the sedan tests
to try and clean up the nukes.

Now,  I'm   a  chemical,  biological,  and  radiological  warfare
officer, qualified  and sent  to school  and certified.  When the
fireball does  not touch the ground of a nuclear explosion, there
is no  contamination.   You will  die from  heat and blast before
you'll ever  die from  radiation.  But, when the fireball touches
the ground,  you now  have big problems, because the half-life of
plutonium is like 25,000 years.  That's a long time to wait.  And
the half-life  means that,  in that period of time, it'll be half
as much  radiation as  was there  before.  When you put something
under the  ground that  is nuclear,  and you set it off, you have
denied the  enemy, for  all time and eternity, that area, because
it is permanently damaged.

Now, what's  happened is,  the engineers  north of  Las Vegas  at
Yucca Mountain  have been  experimenting,  since  Ike  gave  them
permission to start Nukes for Peace, in how to clean up the bomb,
so that  we could  use nuclear demolitions in order to do mammoth
land moving,  that we couldn't otherwise use conventional methods
on, like the new canal in Nicaragua.

Here's an  interesting thing.  I wish I had a blackboard, because
I would  diagram it  for you.  But I'll run thru it real quick so
you'll understand  it, because  I think it's important.  First of
all, you  survey everything,  because the  density  of  the  soil
depends on  how deep  you bury  the charges.  Some of the charges
will be buried as deep as 2,000 feet, some of them only a hundred
and fifty  feet, because of the density of the soil all along the
area.   There is  17 miles  that must  be cleared;  that 17 miles
opens onto Lake Nicaragua and the Atlantic Ocean.

Now, if  you put all the charges in line, there will be more than
200 atomic  demolitions the  way the  plan is  right now, and you
fire them  individually, you can imagine what you get.  You get a
lot of  holes with  all kinds of debris, that you would then have
to go in with conventional methods and try to organize and make a
canal out  of.   And you  might as  well have  just done  it from
scratch, I  think.   You'd be  better off  than having  all  this
debris and these many holes.

But, how  many  of  you  here  are  demolitionists  or  have  any
experience with demolition?  Good.  Then hear me out on this, and
see if  this is not correct.  There is a synergism of 30% that is
achieved if you use what we call "row charging."  If you take all
of the  demolitions at  once, and you fire them all at once, then
you have,  literally, instead  of having  individual  holes,  the
synergism gives  you an  overlapping of about 30%.  You literally
have a  canal there.  And the physics are such that it, honestly,
takes the  debris at the end of the canal, that would normally be
blown out,  and even  curves it  around, so  literally you have a
bank that  is ready-built, along with the canal;  in the flash of
an eye  wink, just  one push of a button, 200 separate charges, a
total of  over 250  megatons, 250 million tons equivalent of TNT,
will create a new canal.

Now, that  sounds very  efficient to  people in  Washington, D.C.
But, they  do not  belong to the Greenpeace organization, I don't
believe.  The idea is, the way you clean this thing up, the way I
understand it  is, that  when you  have the  explosion under  the
ground, you  have contaminated  earth.  If you put it too deep in
the hole, then what happens is, all the dirt goes straight up and
basically comes  straight back down, filling the hole again.  So,
you didn't accomplish anything, except you loosened up a bunch of
stuff.   If you  put it  too shallow, you get a tremendously wide
blast, a  radius, but  a very  narrow hole.    You  haven't  done
anything there, plus you contaminate a lot of area.

If you'll  do it just right, if you bury it just right, then when
it explodes, the contaminated earth will come up, come back down,
be partially  covered with  non-contaminated soil  that wasn't  a
part of  the explosion,  and then you have your canal built.  And
so, this thing has been very carefully surveyed to do that.

There is  only one  thing that I can see that might go wrong, and
that is,  Mother Nature may decide to do more than burp over this
issue.   This is  on the  Ring of  Fire.   And Lake Nicaragua was
created by  that cataclysmic  earthquake.   What happens  when we
fire 250  million tons  of TNT all at one time in that vulnerable
area?   It's going  to be  another Chernobyl, I think, where they
say, "Well,  gosh, we  were trying  to do something right, and it
just went  wrong."  But, I don't think you're honestly ever going
to get  a chance  to vote.   We  are going  to do  that.  That is
already the  plan.   And now  the only problem is, we['ve] got to
get into Nicaragua to do it.

Well, it started out OK, because we had Somoza.  He was a friend.
But, it  wasn't working  out with Somoza.  And so, I'm not saying
that the  CIA created Danny Ortega and the Sandinista.  But, what
I am  saying is,  there was a lot of applause at Langley when the
Sandinista took over and Somoza was deposed, because now we had a
confrontational scenario.   It  was built  exactly the  way Teddy
Roosevelt might have constructed it.

Now we had, only in modern terms, we had the tremendous tentacles
of Communism, Marxism, that would stretch out and wrap around and
strangle the  free world,  didn't we?   That's  exactly what  was
presented to us by the President, Ronald Reagan.

Jimmy Carter  did his  job.   He set it up and we transferred the
canal over.   Now  we had  the reason to get into Nicaragua.  The
problem was,  the Nicaraguans  weren't willing  to give it to us,
and so creating a scenario where you have built-in confrontation.
We don't need to tell anybody.

Now, we  run our  steel helmets  and flak  jackets on 19-year-old
kids in  there.   We fight  this war  to  cut  the  tentacles  of
Communism before  it strangles New Orleans.  And, when we've won,
maybe they  will give us, in all perpetuity, this stretch of land
we need, which is much more considerable.  We only have ten miles
in Panama, five miles on each side of the canal.  But we're going
to need 50 miles in Nicaragua for this stretch of the super canal
that's going to be built.  And so, it was perfect.

One problem:  the damned liberal U.S. Congress said no.  We could
not go  in with military force into Nicaragua and help the Contra
to stomp out the hated Sandinista.  Congress said no.  But did we
do it anyway?  We did.  It is public record.

And now,  Lawrence E. Walsh, the independent prosecutor, 76 years
old, Republican,  has released  the fact that there are more than
550 entries in Ollie North's personal notes and diary relating to
the fact that illegal narcotics were used in funding the Contras.
And the  illegal narcotics  came right into this country (most of
them) and has helped to overdose America.

And we  didn't really  win, did we?  because we tried to do this,
but it  wasn't working  out at  all.   As a matter of fact, Iran-
Contra really interrupted it.  And so, what have we done instead?

Well, everybody  cheered when  the new  president  won.    I  say
"everybody";   almost everybody  cheered.   But, do you know that
the new  president of Nicaragua, one, of course was backed by the
United States  Central Intelligence  Agency, and for good reason?
Her dad,  I'm sorry, the grandfather, President Chamorro, in 1916
signed a  treaty with the United States, giving permission to put
a canal  thru Nicaragua.   And  now, Chamorro is president as the
granddaughter, and  I'm glad  that we don't have to send 19-year-
olds in  there.  But that was a military scenario that was always

And I  believe that  the entire  war on drugs, very simply, was a
stage that was set in order to facilitate a military take-over of
Nicaragua, if  that's what  it required,  because the time is run
out.  The think tanks have made their report.  The powerful poker
playing families  in the  world have  decided.   A new canal, for
economic purposes,  will be built in Nicaragua, and it's going to
be now.   I think Ronald Reagan had that mission.  But, he wasn't
successful.   We['ve] got  to admit  he should have been given an
Oscar for his performance.  He begged you.

How many of you, be courageous now, gave to the freedom fighters?
Come on.  I didn't give any, but I know some of you must have.

You know,  I know  all the  guys that were involved in the Contra
support.   I worked for them.  If you'll read my book, one of the
best efficiency  reports I  ever got was given by one of the king
pins in  that whole  affair.   What we  did  was  criminal.    We
couldn't get  the U.S.  Congress to OK money from taxpayers to go
into Nicaragua,  and so  we collected money from good citizens of
America on  the voice  of the President, and Ollie North, and all
kinds of money-raising schemes.

We didn't  take that  money and  give it  to the Contra.  We took
that money  and we  gave it  to a man named Erich von Marbod, who
was a  cohort of  Ed Wilson, along with Dick Secord.  I know them
all well.   Erick is a protege of Kissinger and Schlesinger, very
high in  the CIA.  They had to resign from government office when
Ed Wilson  was put  in prison  for 52 years, because they were in
cahoots with  Ed Wilson  in arming Qaddafi with tons of munitions
and a  state-of-the-art missile  system.  And so, when it came to
light, Ed  Wilson was put to jail, and both Secord and von Marbod
had to resign.

Now, von Marbod went to Zurich and worked for Carlucci's company,
Sears World.   The  money came  from you  (meaning  the  American
public), went  there, was  given to  the Israelis.   The Israelis
bought weapons  from the  Soviet Bloc.  You can get a machine gun
for $145,  with three  magazines, a  bayonet, and a cleaning rod.
An M-16,  which is  an equivalent weapon, would cost $400 here in
America.  So, you can see why we're dealing with the Communists.

We paid  the Communists.   It  came thru  Israel so  it would  be
covered.  And then we sold the weapons to the Contra.  The Contra
do not  have shoes  for their  feet, let alone money to pay at an
almost 300%  profit, when we sold the weapons to them that we had
bought from the Soviet Union.

Now, there's a lady that I know named Barbara Studley.  She has a
beautiful house  in Potomac,  Maryland.  She is a close friend of
General Jack  Singlaub.   Barbara Studley was the go-between, and
some of those profits dropped off there, obviously, because she's
driving a  Maserati, and  her house is well equipped with antique
furniture and  silk dresses.   But,  that money then bought those
arms.   Those arms  were sold to the Contra.  The drug cartel was
more than happy to pick up the tab.

There was  just one  small caveat.   When  the  CIA  planes  from
Southern Air,  carrying 26,000  pounds of  munitions (which we've
got on  the video  tape documented),  land and  unload, don't let
them dead-head  back empty.   We'll  load them  full of drugs and
send them  back to  the USA.   Why  would the  CIA, why would any
American, agree  to allow  a replacement,  ounce for ounce, pound
for pound,  of drugs  for arms,  to come  back  into  the  United

Well, you've  got to  go back  just a  little bit  with me to Mr.
Efrem Zimbalist,  Jr.   The younger people in here will recognize
him by  that name, Mr. FBI, the literal conscience of America, J.
Edgar Hoover;   J. Edgar Hoover, who transcended many presidents.
I think  he had something on most of them.  They couldn't get rid
of him, so J. Edgar stayed as our top cop.

J. Edgar  Hoover made a statement.  He said, "We don't care about
people who use heroin, because they are un-American and mainly in
the black ghetto."  This gave the CIA license from the conscience
of America,  J. Edgar Hoover, to deal in illegal narcotics.  Now,
I think  that heroin  was a  thing  that  J.  Edgar,  of  course,
objected to greatly.  I don't believe J. Edgar used heroin.  But,
I think it's also been translated to mean cocaine, and marijuana,
and any  other  kind  of  illegal  drug,  because  that's  what's

In Southeast  Asia, I  have to  tell you,  how many  of  you  are
Vietnam veterans  that were  there?   Good.   Then you  will bear
witness to  this.   There are  as many  bomb holes  in  Laos  and
Cambodia as there is in Vietnam.  But, the U.S. Congress said no.
The damned liberal U.S. Congress said no when we wanted to expand
the war into Laos and Cambodia.

Now, we  had a  real need.   I  commanded an  Army of Cambodians.
General William  C. Westmoreland  selected me  as "the"  American
soldier.   And in  his book,  he's got a nice photograph of Major
"Bo" Gritz  with his  "Bo's".  My army of CamBOdians were paid by
the CIA.   And  the war  was fought in Laos and Cambodia for good
reason.  The enemy was cheating.

There is  a backbone of mountains, like the Sierra Nevada's, that
separates Vietnam  from Laos  and Cambodia.   It's  known as  the
Anammite Mountain  chain.  The enemy was sending its manpower and
materiel out  of the  north, on  the other  side of  the Anammite
backbone, down  thru Laos  and Cambodia, and then back into South
Vietnam, and it was King's "X" for them.  We couldn't touch them.
That was  unfair.  We called it the Ho Chi Minh trail.  We really
needed to get in there.  And as a substitute high school teacher,
I can  get almost  every one  of my  high school  government  and
history students,  in honors  classes usually,  to agree  that it
would be  all right to violate what Congress said we shouldn't do
and go on in there.

And then, how do we pay for it, if the U.S. Congress is not going
to pay  for it?   Well,  the CIA  had an  airline.  It was called
what?   Air America,  better known  (Who's  a  vet  here  again?)
better known  as what?   Air Opium.  Literally, Air America was a
joke in  the GI's  in Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam.  We called Air
America Air  Opium, because that's what they did.  Now, they flew
a lot  of pigs and rice.   They flew a lot of special operations.
But, they  flew one  hell of a lot of dope also.  And we paid for
the secret war, in part, thru drugs.

And, if  you will  look back at America, America became overdosed
during the  60's and  the 70's.   Now, I graduated from school in
1957, and  I'm here  to tell  you, I  don't think  there was  one
student in  my graduating  class that  had anything  to  do  with
illegal narcotics.   We  would have  stomped you  in the  gutter.
That was just our mind set about dope.

But, how  many of  you graduated  from school after, say, 1964 in
here?   All right now, was there anybody in your graduating class
that was  on dope?   And now, today, I just came back from Alaska
about two  months ago and I have the statistics for 1989.  75% of
the entire  population, the high school population of Alaska, had
been offered,  physically offered,  illegal narcotics.  60% admit
that they partook of those illegal narcotics.

Now, Alaska  is a  state that isn't in the mainstream of the drug
traffic.   And so,  it's a  conservative state.   60% of the 9th,
10th, 11th and 12th grades admit that they took drugs.  And Nancy
Reagan, before  she left  the White  House, said  that 90% of the
graduating class  in 1988  had at least experimented with illegal
narcotics.  Where is the dope coming from?

The dope is coming, simply, thru corridors that have been blessed
by elements within the federal government.  General Khun Sa, when
I first  met with  him and doubted his story that American agents
were the  chief  handlers,  traffickers,  negotiators  of  heroin
coming out  of the  Golden Triangle,  and he  asked me  a  simple
question.   He said,  "How would  I move (In 1986 it was only 600
tons;   this year  it's 3,000  tons.)  600  tons  of  opiates  on
horseback from  this secret base to the free world, if it weren't
for badges and credentials and official aircraft?"

Now, if  you've got  a better answer than what he gave me, I want
to hear  it.   Because right  outside, on  the Burma border, at a
place called  Mai Hong  Song, Thailand, is a full blown air base.
There is  absolutely no  reason, because  there's really no town.
There's a  little village  there at Mai Hong Song.  It's right on
the border  of Burma.   And  Khun Sa says that his mules in those
days, (now  it's 10-ton  trucks), but  in those  days  his  mules
carried the  opium down  to the  Thai border, loaded it on 10-ton
Thai military  vehicles.   It was driven to the Mai Hong Song air
base, put  aboard official  aircraft, and  flown then to Bangkok,
and to  Singapore, and  to Hong  Kong, and  to ports  around  the

And, in  1986, it was 600 tons, in '87 it was 900 tons, in '88 it
was 1,200  tons, in '89 it was 2,200 tons, and this year DEA says
it's going  to go  up to  approximately 3,000  tons  of  opiates.
Business is  booming in  the Golden  Triangle and  in the area of
opium and heroin.

George Bush  did not  declare war on anything coming out of Asia.
You remember  his 6  September declaration?   He pointed right at
Latin America  and he said, "We're declaring war on drugs."  Then
he said  that war  was going to be declared on the users.  "We're
going to get down to those users!"

He was talking about, because he identified it  --  crack cocaine
was his major focus.  Crack cocaine.  If you don't know very much
about it,  let me  enlighten you a little bit because, as part of
my own  education, I  have gotten with law-enforcement people and
tried to  come up  to speed  on this.  Crack, when you take it, I
have been  told by  people, sends  you to  heaven.    I  hope  my
definition of  heaven's a little different.  But, you go straight
up, and you're only up there like 15 or 20 minutes.  And then you
come down,  and that's  the problem,  because  the  crash  is  so
depressive that  users have a suicidal tendency.  And this is not
good for  business.  So, in order to flatten out that crash, they
are lacing the cocaine with heroin, and that is what crack is all
about.  They're putting heroin with cocaine.

When you  look at  it, 3,000  tons of  opiates coming  out of the
Golden Triangle,  most of  it into  America, when it was only 600
tons in  1986, it  shows that  there is  a tremendous correlation
between what's  happening with  cocaine and what's happening with

Do we  care about  people who  use heroin?  Are they un-American?
Are they  mainly in  the black ghetto?  We better damn well care,
because it's  down to  the third  grade, if  you  haven't  looked

What I'm  trying to  portray to you here is something that may be
hard for  you to  understand.   If you  are an Ollie North, and I
have been  given these  kinds of missions, so I have some empathy
for him,  if you are Ollie North and you are told, "We don't want
to know how you do it, Colonel.  Just do it!"  I've had that kind
of a  mission:  "Don't tell us.  We don't want to know."  Because
they know  you're going  to have  to  break  all  rules  of  land
warfare.   Then Ollie  North accepts  that commission  and off he
goes, and it includes lying to the U.S. Congress.

You won't  find very  many officers  today that will stand up and
applaud Ollie  North for what he did.  We took the same oath.  We
raised our hand to the square, and we swore to defend this nation
against enemies foreign and domestic.  We did not swear to lie to
what represents you, the people, in the form of Congress.  We did
not swear  to shred  documents that would cover up the wrongdoing
of our bosses.  That is misplaced loyalty and duty, and certainly
has no honor to it.

You gotta  be close  to Washington.   You  cannot sit here in San
Francisco and look out over the ocean and see all this beauty and
try to  relate to Washington, D.C.  The Pentagon is purposefully,
I believe,  five-sided, five stories, five interconnecting rings,
up and  down, in  and out,  around and  around,  without  getting
anywhere.  That's the truth, and it is very much.

Listen, I've  been there.   If you look on the cover of the book,
on these  photographs, I  have  what  I  call  a  brassiere.    A
brassiere shows  two badges  down here [points to chest].  One of
them is  Army General  Staff.   There are about 200 officers that
are awarded  the Army General Staff badge because they are on the
Army General  Staff.   And the  other is  for the  office of  the
Secretary of Defense.  I was the Chief of Congressional Relations
in the  office of  the Secretary of Defense.  So, I know what the
hell I'm talking about.

You get  caught in this vortex.  I hate to give this analogy, but
it's true  and I  think it's appropriate.  It's like flushing the
stool.   You see  everything going  around and around, faster and
faster, and  then you  can't see  for manure.   And  that's  what
happens in  Washington, D.C.   It  really does.   You  get moving
around in  these rapid  circles and, suddenly, what is real, what
is conscionable,  what is rational, makes no difference any more.
We don't  want to  know how  you did  it.   Just do it, and if it
means using  illegal narcotics, then do it!  Because who[m] is it

Fawn Hall  may have  used cocaine,  but I don't think Ollie North
did.   I don't  think Poindexter  did.   MacValium tried  to kill
himself.   At least he had some honor.  He saw, when he had lied,
and when  he had disgraced his uniform, because he was an officer
also, he  suddenly saw  the disgrace he had brought, and he tried
to kill himself.  It's too bad that the National Security Council
chief doesn't  even know  how to  do that  right.   And  he  took
valium, which  only puts you to sleep, and unfortunately he wrote
a note.   And  so when  he came  to, all the people were standing
there and he was in trouble.

But, here  you've got  these kinds of people doing these kinds of
things, they  think that what they're doing is right at the time.
They really  do.   They aren't using narcotics.  And who[m] is it
attacking?  In their own mind set, it is attacking the trash, the
un-Americans.   Remember what J. Edgar Hoover said.  I wasn't the
one who  said it.   "And  in the  black ghettos, let's get rid of

Now, let's  jump for  just a moment to something that just popped
into mind,  and that's  AIDS.  We are hearing more and more about
it.   It's an  incredible thing.  And again, like I said, I was a
what we  call "CBR"  -- chemical,  biological,  and  radiological
warfare officer.   We have bugs, there's no question that we have
an arsenal of germs to use during selected periods of warfare.

We kill  sheep in Montana.  Anybody remember that?  We lied about
it, of  course.  You're never going to tell the truth when you've
done something  that is  wrong.   At least  the Army, meaning the
government, hasn't  chose[n] to  do so in all these decades.  But
yet, in  the end,  what happened?   They  found out we were using
nerve gas and we killed a bunch of these sheep.

AIDS virus,  I think,  can be proven and, if you will look at the
Strecker ...  as a matter of fact, I am going to ask Dr. Strecker
to be  at the convention to personally give you his presentation.
Dr. Strecker  is a  virologist.  He is well qualified.  He simply
states that  AIDS did not come from green monkeys;  that when you
look at  what the  AIDS virus  consists of, it is a leukemia from
cattle and  it is  brain rot  from sheep.    And  you  put  these
diseases together and you come up with the AIDS virus.

The AIDS virus has 9,000 matching pairs, which means 9,000 to the
sixth power.   That's  the number  of variations of virus you can
contract under  AIDS.   Do we  even have  a calculator  that will
figure out how many that is?

So, what  Strecker is saying is, there is no vaccine that you can
be vaccinated  with, that  would prevent  the AIDS virus, because
there are  so many possible combinations.  But, he then tracks it
very clearly.   It  came from  sheep and from cattle.  It was put
together by  men and  then it  was sent  with  the  World  Health
Organization to  Africa, where  they  engaged  in  a  program  of
inoculation for small pox.

There were  three major  AIDS breakouts:   one  in Africa, one in
Brazil, and  one in  Haiti.   Interestingly  enough,  there  were
15,000 Haitians  that were  part of the World Health Organization
program in  Africa that  received the virus.  And, in Brazil, the
World Health  Organization also  had an inoculation series there.
And so,  it's very strange that, what Strecker says is a man-made
virus,  would   suddenly  appear   wherever  the   World   Health
Organization is  doing good.   And,  we had  another outbreak, of
course, and  we figured  that it  came from New York City because
there was a hepatitis inoculation that was being given.

Right here  in San  Francisco, I don't know whether you know this
or not, I want to bring you, I want to enlighten you on what your
government, "the" government does.  If you lived here back in the
'50's, you  were sprayed.   The  Navy had  a ship  that went  off
shore.   The idea  was to prove that San Francisco was vulnerable
to a biological attack during war, and so they attacked you.  And
they proved,  when they  had a  tremendous outbreak  then (it was
their measure)  that the  average citizen  inhaled 5,000 units of
this particular disease that was being dispersed.  And almost all
of San  Francisco came down with it.  So, the government does use
test modules to find out what the effect is.

Now, last  year, I wouldn't have been near[ly] this paranoid, but
I have come out to share my experiences with you, and you frankly
have scared  the hell  out of me by sharing your experiences with
me.   And there  are all  kinds of things, like Global 2000, that
rear a  really ugly  head, that  talk to  the fact that the basic
population of  the world has to be limited by the year 2000.  And
then, when  you look  at what  the AIDS  virus is doing, and they
tell you that it is not spreadable by mosquitos.

Well, Strecker  says, "Isn't  that interesting?   If the mosquito
cannot spread  AIDS virus,  then why don't we simply find out the
filtering process  the mosquito  has, and then we wouldn't spread
any AIDS  virus thru  our changing  of  blood?"    The  mosquito,
according to  Strecker, does carry the AIDS virus, which means it
is not  just a  local homosexual  problem, or  an occasional drug
usage problem,  or when  you have a transfusion, some people pick
up AIDS virus.

And Strecker  has some  bad news.  Another guy I'll invite to the
Freedom Call  '90, under  our health  care section, will be a man
who has  a solution  for this thing.  Interestingly enough, there
was a  man named  Rife that Strecker identifies, a long time ago.
Rife invented a microscope that could see the virus.  And then he
generated a  radio wave  that would  cause  a  certain  frequency
vibration that would cause the virus to destroy itself.  And Rife
of course was run out of business real fast.

Well, there's  another gentleman  now that  has a product that he
has put  thru the protocol of the Food and Drug Administration as
a cure  for AIDS  and for cancer.  It is a chemical that does the
same thing.   It causes an electrical property change so that you
get the  same vibration that Rife gave using a radio wave, and it
destroys the cell.  It destroys the virus.

Now, this  guy is  saying that he's being absolutely stonewalled.
They have  tested  it.    He  has  all  the  documents  in  three
universities, 30,000 animal tests, 15,000 human tests.  And it is
effective.   So, I'll invite him there so you can hear what these
gentlemen have to say.

What I'm  saying is  that the  government has a problem, and that
is, it  has been  deceiving you for a long time, for what I think
is a  very selfish purpose.  And that is, somebody's going to win
all the chips.  And that's what the whole idea is here.

I don't believe in global coincidence myself.  Global coincidence
has to be planned.  Magnificently, marvelously, miraculously, the
Soviet Bloc  crumbles literally  before our face, in just a heart
beat.   One day  it's there,  solid as the rock of Gibraltar, and
the next  day it  is crumbling.  And isn't it interesting that it
is crumbling just before the European economic market is going to
come into  fruition in  1992?   Now, I think that the Soviet Bloc
will be very conveniently absorbed into the economic community of
Europe.  And are we going to have a chance to vote?

Well, I  had dinner with the Speaker of the House Foley, and with
the Majority Leader Gephardt.  Both of those gentlemen admit that
we are  in serious, big-time economic problems.  Now, AIDS is one
thing, and  dope is  one thing,  and crime  is one thing, but our
economic problems  eclipse all  of them.   And they all admit it,
but not  one of  these distinguished  gentlemen ...  Haig is  not
number 3,  but Foley  is, and  Foley fully  admits that he has no
solution to our economic problem.

Here is  what happened  just the  other day.  Sam Nunn is head of
the Armed Services Committee.  He made a speech.  It appeared not
in the "L.A. Times," or the front page, which it should have, but
it appeared in "Aviation Weekly."  In the speech, Sam Nunn quoted
a man  by the name of [Charles A.] Bowsher, who is the accounting
general, the  Comptroller General  of the  United  States.    And
Bowsher simply  states that  if we do not change our course, that
within the  next four  years, the  national debt  will exceed  $5
trillion, and  the interest  will be more than $350 billion every
year.   Our defense  budget isn't  near[ly] that much.  The point
that Sam  Nunn was  making is  that it's  a  good  thing  we  got
Glasnost, because  we won't  have any money for defense.  We will
be consumed just trying to pay the interest on the national debt.

Now, let  me explain  something to  you, because a lot of people,
for some reason, don't seem to see the forest for the trees.  And
this is  what I've learned, having come out from behind the veil.
And then  I'll get  back to  my own  personal experience.  But, I
think this  is very  key to understand.  If you were going to win
all the  chips in this global poker game, you would have to break
the back of the United States.

Now, the people who rented German soldiers to England, the people
who started  the Central  Bank of England, the people who started
the Central  Bank in  Germany, these  are people who are becoming
rich,  super  rich,  because  they  found  that  you  could  just
manufacture money  to pay  for wars.   You just go ahead and make
money, and  you'd lend  it to the government.  You didn't have to
have gold  to back  it up.   Well, it was Alexander Hamilton that
wanted to start the Central Bank in the United States, and it was
Thomas Jefferson that opposed it.  But we did it anyway.

The fact  is that  (can you imagine this?) we've got to break the
back of  the United States economically.  Otherwise, we can't win
all the chips.

Let's go  thru a  little war  gaming, like we do in the Pentagon.
Let's say  that the  ideal solution  is this.   First  of all, we
create a  banking consortium  --  private individual banks.  Now,
we give  permission for the Treasury to mint money.  Every dollar
that is  minted, we'll have interest owed to us;  [it] won't cost
us a penny to mint the money.  But, we will lend it to the United
States government.  They will owe us an interest.  There won't be
one dollar  printed, ever, that won't have debt money attached to
it.  How do you ever pay off the debt?

It is a built-in, guaranteed bankruptcy.  If you do not print any
debt-free money,  you could  never pay off the principal, because
there isn't  any debt-free money to even pay the damned interest,
let alone  the principal.  And so, can you imagine someone buying
that scheme?

Well, in  1913, that's  precisely what  we did, and on top of it,
they had  to have  some way to pay the interest.  Now, if they're
going to  manufacture whatever  amount of  money  they  determine
should be  printed, and  then that goes to the federal government
to spend,  and interest  is owed to them, how are they ever going
to get paid?  They are paid thru the IRS.  Your taxes pay them.

Now, it's  interesting that  two things  happened in  1913.   The
Federal Reserve  was created.   The  Federal Reserve  is no  more
federal than  the federal  laundry or  the federal restaurant, or
any other  federal type organization like that.  It is a group of
privately owned  banks, and  you know  who comes  down to the one
major bank?   The  one major bank is the same guy that we've been
talking about  all alone here, the same guy from Germany that had
a great  idea.   And then we've got a few other big players, like

When it  comes right  down to  it, the major banks in the Federal
Reserve are located in New York City.  The rest of them are just,
sort of,  subscriber banks.  They give permission to print money.
Every dollar  that is  printed, we  owe them,  a private  banking
corporation, the  interest and  the principal.   We can never pay
it.   It is  a built-in,  guaranteed way to cause bankruptcy.  It
had to happen, if they were going to win all the chips.

And we  are looking  at some  of the last hands today, because it
took from  1776 to 1982 to get one trillion dollars in debt.  But
do you  know, since  1982, we now owe three trillion dollars? and
in the  next four  years, it'll be five trillion, if the interest
rates go  down?  That's what Bowsher is betting that will happen,
and putting  his computation  on.   And the interest will be more
than is  collected in  the taxes.   The  interest  will  be  $350
billion and more, just the interest.

And so, do you see where we're going?  We must have some changes.

Now, one  of the  things that  we're is  proposing is  this.   It
sounds really  radical.   And we've  given it  to Foley and we've
given it  to Gephardt.   As  a matter  of fact,  we've sent it to
Bush.   But you've got to understand that our President is a past
member of  the Council  on Foreign  Relations, and the Trilateral
Commission.  They aren't even bashful about telling you that this
is a one-world economic effort.  And debtors cannot be choosers.

I think  when 1992  comes around, and we have the European Common
Market a  reality, the  Soviet Bloc  absorbed, that  we  will  be
shortly behind.   And along with that comes a lot, an awfully lot
of restrictions,  a lot  of these,  the cashless society ... It's

I'll give  you some  headlines.  They should have been headlines.
Maybe we  should get  a little  group of  papers together  called
"Should Have  Been Headlines."   But,  this was  in the "New York
Times," March  31st.   It said,  "Our Congressional  leaders  are
today considering  the adoption  of a  national  identity  card."
Now, the national identity card is supposed to help you safeguard
your job from an illegal alien.

But, the  national identity  card is  also used  for  many  other
things.   There is  a company in Dallas, Texas, in the Metroplex,
that's experimenting right now.  They have a card that's made up;
it would  be your  national identity  card, with your bar code on
it.  You set it in the windshield of your car, and the toll gates
are  all   automatically  operated   and  your  bank  account  is
automatically debited.   That way, you don't have to wait in line
to throw money, and it's being praised as a major step forward in
the cashless society.

A lot of these things are coming now together.  It is an exciting
time in our life.  The idea of the convention is to identify what
we feel  are the  major problems, and then, on the other hand, to
identify what we believe are the major solutions, and then all go
out there and do something about it.

Now, I  told you that I would discuss what I think is a solution.
We're going  to offer  a computer  bulletin board  network  as  a
result of  this convention.   Anyone  who's  at  the  convention,
anyone that wants to be a subscriber, can.  The computer bulletin
board would  do this.   All  you would have to have is a personal
computer, or access to one.  You go to that personal computer and
you call up the Center for Action, and there is the menu.

Let's say  that you  had just been dinged by the IRS to bring all
of your  records in  on Monday,  and you  didn't know whether you
wanted to  do that  or not,  or what  your rights are.  You could
pull up the Center for Action bulletin board, and you'd see under
Income Tax,  you punch  that on  that menu,  and now you have the
income tax.   There's  all the  input that people from around the
United States are putting into the bulletin board every day.  And
there's documents and other kinds of stuff.

You may write on there, "Help!  San Francisco.  Tracy.  I've been
told to  bring all my documents, Monday, to the IRS.  Help!"  And
somebody in  Florida, or  Rhode Island,  or Salt  Lake  City,  or
Seattle will probably write back and say, "Tracy, in SFO, this is
Marcy, or Murray, in Salt Lake City.  Here's exactly what you do.
U.S. Code  number 1-0-something-something  gives you exactly this
right.  You do not have to produce any documentation."

And what it means is that you're never going to be alone with any
of your  problems again.   When  you have  access to  millions of
Americans who  have experience,  because some of them are beating
the  system  now,  it  means  that  you'll  have  access  to  the
experience of  these people.  I think it's going to catch on like
a raging  fire.  (I think, all of a sudden, our computer is going
to get AIDS.)  We're going to have a lot of virus problems.  But,
I am  determined that  we are  going to  beat it.  We're going to
keep the  network open  so that  we  can  keep  everybody  pulled

We passed  a  resolution  in  the  State  of  Alaska  that  calls
Thornburg, I  believe, to  indict General  Khun Sa.   And  I  am,
again, about  to be  indicted, if  they have  their way about it.
The resolution  was ....  Now Alaska is our biggest state, but it
only has  500,000 people,  and most  of them  are vets,  I think.
They have  the largest  per capita of veterans of any other state
in the Union.  The vets told me, "Bo, we want to attack.  We want
to do  something."  So, we got a resolution together, and the day
before it was going to be voted on, the resolution was to require
the U.S.  Congress to  investigate Khun Sa's proposal.  Khun Sa's
proposal is, "I will eradicate the opium, and I will reveal every
U.S. Government  official who  has been my best customer for more
than 20 years."

Now, the  day before  that resolution  was to  be voted on in the
Alaska Legislature,  Thornburg indicted  Khun Sa.  And I think he
thought he  would stop  the resolution.   But,  we had  only  one
dissenting vote.  Alaska passed that resolution.

What happens  when California  passes  it,  and  Washington,  and
Arizona, and  Nevada, and we start working eastward?  Congress is
going to  have to,  at some  point, say, "We are going to have to
investigate."   And then what happens?  I've been with Khun Sa on
four separate  occasions.   I know  that he can't pick my friends
for me.  But this guy, I believe, is earnest.

I'll answer  your questions  in just a moment maybe why I believe
that, because  it's about  time for a question-and-answer period.
But, can  you imagine? that if Khun Sa were to come out and do as
he said,  it would blow the lid off of this rat's nest.  We could
get our prisoners of war home while they're still alive.  We have
human sewage  right now  blocking the  bureaucracy.  We could win
the war  on drugs.   We could expose a lot of what's going wrong,
which I  believe includes  this AIDS virus, and put a stop to it,
before we lose this poker game.

And so,  very simply,  as I  see  it,  we  as  Americans  have  a
responsibility under  the Declaration  of Independence.  It says,
very clearly,  that the  responsibility is  ours, the  people, to
safeguard the  birthright that  we gained,  and that  we must  be

Now, we're  going to  take Capitol Hill.  We're not going to take
it using  bullets and  bayonets and  bombs this time.  I think we
can take  it using  the very  weapons that are being used against
us.  I really do.

By the  way, don't  expect to  hear anything from Noriega or Khun
Sa.  When you are an indicted felon (I know this because they did
this to  me), when  you're indicted  as a  felon, the  CIPA,  the
Classified Information  Procedures Act,  now suddenly  falls over
you.  You cannot make any statement that might prejudice national
security.   And so,  you'll notice  that Manuel  Noriega said, "I
have George  Bush by  the cajones."   He  said that  about  three
months before  they indicted  him.   Do you  think they  indicted
Manuel Noriega because he is a drug lord?  No!

We were  going to  turn over  the canal  in 1990.   We had to get
Pineapple Face  out of  there and  put our own people in, to make
sure that canal keeps running right, for economic purposes, until
we get the new one going in Nicaragua.

Now, Thornburg  has indicted  Khun Sa because it looks like we're
getting close  to a  resolution that  would require  Congress  to
investigate.   As a  matter of fact, Sam Nunn has already said he
is going  to investigate.   If  we can  just give him the push he
needs to  make sure  it's not  a "square  filler," that he really
looks, then  we will  win this  thing.   And, I have that kind of
faith, and I hope that you do too.

As a  matter of  fact, I know as AmerICANs, the last four letters
in the word American, that we can, and that we will, that we must
win this thing.  And that's an order, by the way.

Now, let's  take a  break, if  you will.   The video tapes that I
have available  show Khun  Sa indicting  these Americans  in  the
jungle.   It also  shows the  Nicaraguan problems, the CIA pilots
flying the  drugs over  there and  bringing the  drugs back after
they've flown  arms into  Nicaragua for the Contra.  And it talks
to what  I think  are some of the major problems, [e.g.] the drug
problem.   There is  a tape back there called "Winning the War on

I was  indicted.   I was told that, if I did not erase and forget
everything I'd  learned, I would serve 15 years as a felon.  They
tried to  get me  for training  Afghans.   I'm guilty.  I trained
Afghans.   But the  grand jury,  and by  the way, not one patriot
could ever  be tried for a crime if a grand jury wouldn't indict.
But, most  grand juries are led by the nose by the U.S. attorney,
because there  isn't any  other side.   There's  only  his  side.
Hearsay is  even admissible in a grand jury.  But, the grand jury
found  no  true  bill,  because  it  was  obvious  the  Statement
Department had set up the training for the Afghans.

Now, those  are Mujahadeen  over there,  not dogs  that  we  were
training.   A woman  one time  said, "Bo, how come Special Forces
are involved  in animal  training?"   And it  took me  about  ten
seconds to realize she was talking about the guys wearing turbans
that I knew as Afghans, only they're Mujahadeen.

Then they  tried to  indict me  for the  Neutrality Act  here  in
California.  I am guilty.  I always said I was guilty.  My lawyer
kept saying,  "Bo, please  stop saying that."  But it is true.  I
have been  ten times behind enemy lines since 1982.  Not once did
I ask  permission, so I was guilty.  But, the FBI testified I was
a government  agent working  for the  National Security Council's
ISA.   So, the  U.S.  Attorney  for  California  said,  "I  ain't
touching it."  And so he would not indict.

In Nevada, they did indict me, for misuse of a passport.  It is a
weeny charge.   Jane  Fonda misused  a passport.  Ollie North and
MacValium had  Irish passports  when they  went into Iran for the
illegal drug  deals.   30 years  of covert operations and they're
going to  indict me for using a false passport?  I am guilty, and
I said  it on  television and the newspapers.  I am guilty.  I've
had false passports most of my adult life.  And, I was happy they
did indict  me, because  it meant  I could  put the government on
trial.   The only  reason I  was  being  indicted  is  because  I
wouldn't cover  up government drug involvement.  I had proof that
I had  been sent by the White House to Burma.  And, they knew the
passport I was operating on.

I was  going to  put them on trial and then prove that the reason
our prisoners weren't home is because the bureaucrats responsible
have been  involved in  drug smuggling,  and would be revealed at
any investigation  about what  took so  long on bringing our POWs

But, you  know something,  19 witnesses  came against me, and the
day that  I got  up, in  uniform, to  take the  stand, the  judge
ordered the  jury to  acquit me.  It was never intended for me to
say one  word.   When I  said, "Your honor," my lawyer said, "Sit
down, Bo!   You  have won!"  But it wasn't a victory, because the
government never got tried.  I just got acquitted.  And the judge
put his gavel down and said, "Colonel Gritz, you will not say one
word in this court room."

But you  know what  Bill Maddox,  U.S. Attorney  for the State of
Nevada, did?   He  said it all for me.  He walked right out there
(this was  straight from  God, I think) and he said, before three
news  cameras,   when  they  asked  him,  "Why  did  you  pursue,
personally, as  the U.S.  Attorney and  your chief  deputy?", who
turned out  to be  Country Joe  and Fish's  road show manager, an
acid rock  group guy, and they shipped him out immediately.  That
was the  first casualty.   Then an assistant resigned.  They sent
him out.

The U.S.  Attorney said,  "George Bush called me on the phone and
told me  to get  Bo Gritz."   And  when a reporter said, "Are you
denying that?   Is  that what  you're saying?"   Old Maddox stood
right there,  stony faced,  and said,  "No.   What I'm saying is,
George Bush  called me on the phone and told me to get Bo Gritz."
I sent  a copy  of that  to Thornburg  and to Bush, with a little
note that  says, "You  may have  done wrong.   And if you didn't,
you['ve] got  trouble, because  the U.S.  Attorney in  Nevada  is
lying about  you."   Bill Maddox lost his job.  So, right now the
number 4 man in Nevada is the U.S. Attorney.  He's happy.

But, the  State Department  has just declared war on me again.  I
was in Washington, D.C. this last weekend for Memorial Day, and a
State Department  investigator I've  known for  a  jillion  years
almost, it  seems like,  came up  to  me  and  said,  "Bo,  shred
everything you've  got that  is in  any way false identification,
because the State Department has declared war on you, because you
will not  stop doing  what we  asked you to, and that is, talking
about government drug involvement."

And so,  when I came back from Washington, Maddox now is gone, of
course, but (Pocker is his name) Pocker has now sequestered a new
grand jury  to meet  on the seventh of June for more charges that
they're going  to try to drum up.  It means we're doing something
right.   If you  don't get  a reaction  from the  beast, it means
you're not  doing something.  But, when you can get that beast to
react, it means you've got him somewhere where it's hurting.  So,
that's exciting news.

I've done  a lot of things wrong, folks, but not one thing that I
wouldn't be  willing to stand up and tell in full before you as a
jury of  my peers.   And if you think I did wrong, because that's
what the  government told  me to  do, I'm  happy to go to prison.
But, we  thought we  were doing right at the time, even though it
turned out to be wrong.

Now, that is what I wanted to tell you.  Let's take a break, make
the tapes and books available.  I'll be glad to personalize them.
We've got to be out of here ... [end of 90-minute tape].

[Editor's note:

This transcript  was prepared  by volunteers  who  did  not  have
sufficient historical  records to confirm the spelling of all the
names  and   places  referenced   by  Colonel  Gritz.    Spelling
corrections will  be made  as time  and resources  permit.  These
volunteers felt  it was more important to distribute a transcript
of this  lecture as  soon as  possible, rather than to wait until
the correct  spelling of  every last person's name and geographic
place was  obtained.   These volunteers, therefore, can assume no
responsibility for any inaccuracies of spelling contained herein.
Words and  phrases are  shown in  bold  type  if  their  spelling
remains unconfirmed.  ]

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Col. James "Bo" Gritz