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Posted by Shane Hanson on July 13, 1998 at 19:13:17:

I am posting a message here because after having read a large number of the postings and replys I beleive that many of you are very knowledgable on the subject of restoring our constitutional government. I will accept any and all replys weather posted here or sent to me via e-mail.

I would especially like a reply from Paul Mitchel as I believe he is one of the more knowledgeable persons in these matters.

Also feel free to copy and send this message to any one who may have a solution and have them respond to my e-mail address TruthZone1@aol.com

Now the problem,

I have been studying for quite some time now on the reestablishing of our constitutional government. I have found that what I beleive to be the root cause of the decay of our freedoms (out side of multiple acts of corupt men) I beleive it to be our present standard or system of money, brought about by various acts since the 14th ammendment.

In The Constitution of the United States Artic1e 1 Section 10 it states that the only way to discarge debt is with gold and silver. So if I use a federal reseve note to buy an item, food, the debt for that item is not paid. When the circle of who owes, for the item purchased, is complete it is me that still owes for that item. I am then bound (enslaved) to discarge that debt lawfully (with gold or silver).

And so begins the problem,
Lets say by some chance I do obtain gold or silver for a service I provided. You cannot purchase gold or silver with federal reserve notes as you will still owe for it. Now if I decide to use it no one is willing to take it as payment. I am forever stuck having to purchase my food with a debt and there by enslaved.

I know there is a solution ALL of america must once again start mining gold or silver and using it to pay debt and buisnesses must once again start accepting gold or silver for debt. But I see no possibility of this

The question is how in all the wide universe am I to remove this horific burden. Untill we/I/you are able to pay debts in gold or silver we/I/you are slaves. No freedom or liberty or justice for all.

I do hope everyone see were I am coming from on this it is in my opinion the single most impotant area that need to be dealt with before any of us can reestablish our freedoms.

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