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Posted by Man of Reason on August 29, 1998 at 19:49:31:

In Reply to: Does our governmet still represent and serve State Citizens??? posted by Shane Hanson on August 02, 1998 at 22:10:27:


I hope you have at least considered my advice and begun researching these matters yourself. Early on in my education on this topic, I too read the material you see here, supplied by a self-proclaimed 'prophet'. For a long time it shaped the way I viewed the matter. But since putting some serious time into studying, and I mean really studying, actual Supreme Court opinions on this and many other topics I have come to believe that a large part of the material presented here is misleading at best, just plain wrong at worst. That goes for a lot of other sites as well. It seems a rather widespread character trait in these circles to decide what the truth is before you dig up cites to support your analysis. Many cites are often taken out of context, or are off the point entirely. Some people are very adept at stringing together several cites each of which is tangentially related to the topic at hand and make a convincing argument, even if it is wrong.

The law is a funny thing. You very rarely come across something that is sweepingly applied, as many in the patriot community attempt. There are subtle, implied, and inferred limitations to some opinions which go ignored by those who look for 'sound bite' cites. Do yourself a big favor and do not begin to apply the things you find online until you have double and triple checked the matter yourself and have found it to be beyond doubt to be true. I doubt sincerely if Mr. Gilbertson did as much, and you can see that he is likely to spend a good deal of time in jail, returning to a ruined life if/when he is released.

You will begin to understand if you put in the effort and work at it with an open mind. Do not be swayed in your opinions because of the way you wish things to be. Admit the facts when you find them and incorporate them into your understanding of the topic.

Good luck to you in your endeavors.

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