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Posted by MARTIN on September 04, 1998 at 23:04:58:

In Reply to: War is the source of law posted by MARTIN on September 02, 1998 at 11:23:18:

A constitution was forced upon Japan by war by the allied forces. ------ The States of the CSA were forced by war to write constitutions which gave equal rights to all men. ----------------
---- The American revolutionary war put law making into the hands of the Americans. ------
As the Judge of the court of constitutional guarantees told Fidel Castro in Castro's case against Batista; Revolution is the font (source) of law. ------------------------------
Look in the titles index of the United States Code and you will see the parts of the "We the People" constitution that were codified into military style roman based code law after the 1861-65 war. -----------------------
The President.--------- The Congress. ---------
seat of government, and the States!, + Armed forces, judiciary + judicial procedure and so on.---------------------
The United States is singular. One nation (state) one flag. Today's STATES are only political subdivions of a soviet type UNION. The FEDERAL UNION forces created new legal fiction STATES.

: War is the source of law and in today's case the 1861-65 war is the source of authority for the federal government's law (code + regulation). The winner makes the law. The loser's law is optional. ------

: The United States Code sits under the Lieber Code. ----------------

: Today's federal STATES, CONGRESS, the COURTS and all LAW ENFORCEMENT sit under military authority. -----------------

: Today the "We the People" constitution is political doctrine in the context of legal deception + ruse as to not alarm the public. -----------
: Federal income tax is being legally collected under the Lieber code and is also a matter of EQUITY. ------------
: Income tax helps keep up the value of FRNs by returning as many as possible to the source. ---------- Look at RUSSIA and it's very poor tax collection system. Is this what tax protesters want?

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