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Posted by MARTIN on September 06, 1998 at 04:11:51:

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AFM 27-10 CHAPTER 6 OCCUPATION (excerpts)
Civil affairs administration is that form of administration established in friendly territory whereby a foreign government pursuant to an agreement, expressed or implied, with the government of the area concerned, may exercise certain authority normally the function of the local government.
368. Nature of Government
It is immaterial whether the government over an enemy's territory consists in a military or civil or mixed administration.
Its character is the same and the source of its authority the same.
It is a government imposed by force, and the legality of its acts is determined by the law of war.
383. Children


The Occupying Power shall, with the cooperation of the national and local authorities, facilitate the proper working of all institutions devoted to the care and education of children.


The Occupying Power shall take all necessary steps to facilitate the identification of children and the registration of their parentage.

It may not, in any case, change their personal status, nor enlist them in formations or organizations subordinate to it.

A special section of the Bureau setup in accordance with Article 136 shall be responsible for taking all necessary steps to identify children whose identity is in doubt. Particulars of their parents or other near relatives should always be recorded if available.

The Occupying Power shall not hinder the application of any preferential measures in regard to food, medical care and protection against the effects of war, which may have been adopted prior to the occupation in favour of children under fifteen years, expectant mothers, and mothers of children under seven years. (GC, art. 50.)

388. Collective Relief
If the whole or part of the population of an occupied territory is inadequately supplied, the Occupying Power shall agree to relief schemes on behalf of the said population, and shall facilitate them by all the means at its disposal.
Such schemes, which may be undertaken either by States or by impartial humanitarian organizations such as the International Committee of the Red Cross, shall consist, in particular, of the provision of consignments of foodstuffs, medical supplies and clothing.
430. Currency and Exchange Controls (FRN's)
The occupying power may leave the local currency of the occupied area in circulation.
It is also authorized to introduce its own currency or to issue special currency for use only in the occupied area, should the introduction or issuance of such currency become necessary.
The occupant may also institute exchange controls, including clearing arrangements, in order to conserve the monetary assets of the occupied territory. Such measures must not, however, be utilized to enrich the occupant or otherwise circumvent the restrictions placed on requisitions, contributions, seizures, and other measures dealing with property.

Intentional debasement of currency by the establishment of fictitious valuation or exchange rates, or like devices, as well as failure to take reasonable steps to prevent inflation, are violative of international law.
No States that were a party to the We the People constitution exist. State used to = Voluntary assembly under parliamentary law* of over 21 free white males of a certain religion.
Does anyone have a State treaty signed by the U.S. and your State concerning the 1861-65 war?
No the States were dissolved.
(*see Roberts Rules of Order )

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