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Posted by Friend on September 11, 1998 at 08:41:27:

In Reply to: Re: Peace vs. Police posted by New Kid on September 09, 1998 at 21:19:46:

Your dissertation is quite correct, except you have allowed yourself to fall into the same old trap that so many others have succumbed to. You can have a drivers licenses or call it what you will and still travel freely upon the public roads, the point you are missing, is the terminology “car / motor vehicle / vessel / transportation” these are all commercial terms, sitting behind the wheel of any of the aforementioned requires a commercial license because the aforementioned are only to be used for commercial purposes. It does not matter that you have removed the plates, It is still a commercial “car / motor vehicle / vessel / transportation device” registered with your STATE as such. You are approaching this as though you own an “automobile”. We did a lot of work on this in our STATE and actually pulled it off by discovering the legal surrender process, which involved claiming that the “motor vehicle” had been destroyed, therefore there was just cause to return all the documents back to the STATE who in turn removed it from their computer system. Now in law, the destruction of the subject mater while the physical object remains is common practice, you will find this in Ballintines. Any way, we turned the “motor vehicle” back into an automobile. Everywhere we traveled we had our travel papers (basically all the stuff we sent to the STATE) , and a only a passport for identification. WE were only pulled over once, after reading our travel papers and taking a few pictures, of our plates the officer said see ya, as if to say I am not going to touch this with any length of pole. New Kid all you have to remember is this, your STATES “motor vehicle code” does not apply to “automobiles” who cares what license you got in your pocket, heck what if you wana drive a dump truck someday, hey you have a licenses, go to it, just don’t ever show it when you are traveling in your automobile

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