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Posted by Two Cities on September 14, 1998 at 13:01:01:

In Reply to: Sir, what the hell is your status? posted by djf on September 14, 1998 at 10:02:06:

: : WOW I would really like to follow Dan Meador's advice!!!!!!
: : Dan Meador should not have taken his 8th grade constitution class so seriously.
: : ===============================================

: : : While this is slightly off subject, Dan Meador has written an excellent piece that confirms Paul's hypothesis about the difference between DCUS and USDC. Yoy can get to it at

: Having read your posts, I am propted to ask just what it is you are doing here. Are you here to offer information is a spirit of sharing and educating fellow people with the pearls you have found? With a profound respect for the dignity of your students?
: My somewhat judgemental answer is obvious. And as far as the Leiber code and sine die stuff, last time I checked, there are still guys going into a building "House" in DC, elected by the people for that reason, the INTENT is still the force and effect of Law. Do not bother answering...

Around here (Washington(geographical term)) various
entities evidence their existence with signage of various

On the the glass door it says: "SNOHOMISH COUNTY AUDITOR".
On the placard to the left of the door: "Snohomish County Auditor".
I have no reason any longer to believe these two are one
and the same. The "County Treasurer" does not put the "Adress" in
"WA", but in "Wn." when responding in writing to a direct question.

"DC"? Are we all sure this is the "District of Columbia"?
A "building" does not a "House" make, and if it lies in DC, it
might just be a "BUILDING". The building might be the CAPITOL BUILDING,
an entity.

Geography is constantly being occupied. Occupation and possession
confers ownership over time. It is also an accepted rule.

What is a "ST"? Is it a "Street", or is it a "street"?
Or is it neither? Perhaps an entirely new class of
something. Perhaps a "ST" is related to a "Street",
in a similar fashion to that of a mutual-fund to a stock certificate.
And a "Street" to a "street", in the manner of a stock certificate
to the physical assets. Perhaps it refers plainly to an outright
claim on geography, within separate jurisdictions, each with
a different set of rules with respect to property rights.

There is however no doubt about all the new signage on
the corners of this TOWN.

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