Re: Has anyone gotten a bank account without a SSN???

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Posted by Chris Heidz on July 15, 1997 at 03:08:27:

In Reply to: Re: Has anyone gotten a bank account without a SSN??? posted by Common Roght Group at San Diego county on July 14, 1997 at 22:21:09:

Now, the same bank allows us to open accounts in whatever lawful name (such as trusts, etc.) that we choose because they "know us." Well, that's they're excuse.

>Which bank is this, as I am in the same general area as you, and may be able to benifit from that friendly climate? Who knows maybe there might be a few out there in the same situation.

: The first time, we went through a pile of documents about chin high to a giraffe and asked them to show cause six ways from sundown.

>Do you have a recomended reading list other than The privacy act, and Title 12 U.S.C. (Banking and Finance), and in a set of books published by Warren, Gorham and Lamont entitled *THE LAW AND REGULATION OF FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS*? Did you draw up an outline of the resources used and techniques employed?

, and walking into a branch with a set of those volumes under an arm puts the management at a distinct disadvantage, because most operations managers and branch managers haven't read those books.

>This is the point where the manager says "well let me have your name and someone in the legal dept. yeta yeta yeta.. Oh, and don't let the doorknob...

: Now, if anyone wants something for nothing, you're out of luck.

>I don't want something for nothing, rather I'm looking for some direction from folks who are interested in seeing the people of this nation returning to principals of Law; people, who when put on a jury to decide the fate of "tax protestors"
or any other type of "crime", would be happy to see me instead of an 18 year old , crack addicted, government school indoctrinated, unemployed, father of 6 by three girls, fool in his place. What I am looking for is someone who realizes that men of integrity are worth more than just $25 FRN's per hour... "as iron sharpens iron" so should we be diligent to educate each other in law, or at least those that want to learn. A lot to ask, but I feel it's going to benefit you more in the long run.

(There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch)."

>except for the soup kitchens, and the volunteers that invest there time freely to help a fellow Citizen up the ladder one notch at a time.

Cheers :)

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