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Posted by New on October 29, 1998 at 01:06:38:

In Reply to: Re: Need help and advice with a COURT hearing posted by Two Cities on October 25, 1998 at 23:53:51:

: Hi, Martin. (just guessing from content and style)
: It just seems that their insistence on creating
: a contractual nexus is inconsistent with pure gun
: barrel administration.

: : >?File with the secretary of state, a statement of residency in the organic state, and claim membership in the that body politic???
: Sure, just send it to the same one that processes
: the Voter Registration and have that entity cognize
: whatever you write. Maybe they do, maybe they don't.
: If they can see you leaving, why can't they see you staying?

How about leaving a message on their answering machine? It would have the same authority. Recognized by nobody. Better yet; scream into your pillow as to not disturb anyone.
: : How can I contact any persons who are members of this "body politic"? Are these People properly assembled under parliamentry law?
: Maybe you just have to know who they are.
: Like you have said before, those assemblies may be
: shut down for reasons of military expediency. But try the
: defacto administrator, as he carries out the duties
: of the underlying.

And accept the benefit of their law and paste another page in your unwritten Equity contract.

: : I thought that "resident" was short for "resident alien enemy" under international law.
: That was the idea.
: Domicile yourself then. It's all commerce after all.
: And in what year did this interpretation arise.
: What is citizen short for in your dictionary?

Voluntary Slave!
Or take your pick below:

GOV.s Position below
: : This organic state you speak of; do you mean the People of Old Order type Amish, Quaker and or Todays Jural Societies?
: Not at all. I mean those forgotten but not overturned
: constitutions, where the people reserved the right
: to change the composition of their government.
: Their dead letter status, is arguable at best.
: All our theories are at odds with some observable
: reality. You would have me believe that the
: grunt media stage is filled with actors in the know,
: who have read the script of military law, and are
: pandering in unison with not an observable dissonance.

: : Would not One serve Lawful Process as opposed to file-ing LEGAL defacto process?
: Whats your suggestion. Take out an ad in the legal notices
: of the local papers. A friend of a friend, managed
: to stay outside a small city's annexation endeavors,
: and remains in the county. I guess he didn't believe
: that a majority vote of others had any force of
: committing his property into a status he was not
: himself interested in. Maybe his protest was timely.

: So tell me, what would be the effect of discounting
: the result of a bond-election, noticing the county
: auditor, that you do not choose to volunteer your
: property for additional assessments, and instruct
: him to enter this choice in the computation strategy?

Unless you live like a Quaker; accept no benefits from the GOV. scream into your pillow!

If you live like a Quaker with no mailbox and all how they gunna bill you!

You know Your name is Billy Joe and you don't read uppercase; and its against your Religion to use a initial; you all go by your Baptismal names. And you refuse to sign any GOV. paperwork that has your name misnomered as in a legal fiction.

They no like to hassel Religous People if you do not drive cars or engage in commerce. They are to respect Religious institutions if these institutions follow certain rules.

: This appears to be the case even today, as
: annexation elections are not secret ballots, and
: each 'property owner' cast an opinion based upon
: the measurable quantity of 'assessed valuation'.

: : Excuse Me. I'm new at this stuff.
: Me too. Land law is far more interesting.
: But the parallels seem to be just about
: everywhere.

: So tell me, if it is forcible occupation, why
: in the world would anyone care about your
: signature on a contract, and why does the UCC
: make explicit provision for reserving rights
: which otherwise will be deemed abandoned?

Not another UCCer! Oh My!

Rights in commerce most likely. Not the Bill of Rights.

The Masonic Order is very Constitutional!

They want to stay in power not make us revolt.

They say what form of government we will have but we all get to vote and take part in this GOV.

: Just another 'legal ruse'?

Law crapp is much more complicated than you would ever imagine.

: The cost of commerce. In the old country they used
: to wall the cities, and erect toll-booths in order
: to come to the market place.

Good idea! I'll collect the money. You watch for good looking heathen women.

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