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Posted by Two Cities on October 29, 1998 at 14:40:25:

In Reply to: Re: Need help and advice with a COURT hearing posted by New on October 29, 1998 at 01:06:38:

: Martin?????

: How about leaving a message on their answering machine? It would have the same authority. Recognized by nobody. Better yet; scream into your pillow as to not disturb anyone.
Am I allowed to own one? Or should I just rent it through
the titleing process?

: And accept the benefit of their law and paste another page in your unwritten Equity contract.
I don't quite get your drift.
Are you saying harness the shackles with a smile?
Or should I just tune down production?
Or do you have a constructive alternative?

: Voluntary Slave!
Try not to be. Never applied for citizenship.

: Or take your pick below:


: GOV.s Position below


: Unless you live like a Quaker; accept no benefits from the GOV. scream into your pillow!
Loose construction I hope. Or do they have a monopoly on outlook?
The toolmaking trade ends at the end of the Quaker road?
Only a certain amount of toolmaking leverage allowed in the
conversion of earth resources? Why not the stone age?

: If you live like a Quaker with no mailbox and all how they gunna bill you!
Just hand deliver it. Isn't that how it is done.

: You know Your name is Billy Joe and you don't read uppercase; and its against your Religion to use a initial; you all go by your Baptismal names. And you refuse to sign any GOV. paperwork that has your name misnomered as in a legal fiction.
If I have no gross income, what would they bill me for?
Salt mines for vagrancy?

: They no like to hassel Religous People if you do not drive cars or engage in commerce. They are to respect Religious institutions if these institutions follow certain rules.
good protection. these be special "Religious People" I gather.
Don't drive cars, don't engage in commerce?
Wow, no kerosene then, just tallow candles?
Or is it 5 gallons of kero straight across for a bushel of corn?

: Not another UCCer! Oh My!
Is this the pontification of an educator,
or the education of a pontificator?
I'm really curious now.
This medium of information exchange is inaccessible
without either having a contract in commerce, or
availing oneself for free of a benefit at someone elses
expense. So are you also a UCCer, being able to deliver
messages here, or are they injected by the intervention
of unknown channels, travelling on a government engineered
backbone, controlled to a large extent by corporate giants.

: Rights in commerce most likely. Not the Bill of Rights.

: The Masonic Order is very Constitutional!
Internally correct?

: They want to stay in power not make us revolt.
Requires that the production of the masses is harnessed to their end.

: They say what form of government we will have but we all get to vote and take part in this GOV.
I don't vote.

: Law crapp is much more complicated than you would ever imagine.
I like your inference. I'm glad your imagination has
touched the outer boundary of comprehension. No point in
explaining to those who are deemed of the curse of not
being able to imagine. It is always interesting to come
into contact with exalted beings, even remotely, as it
reveals the beauty of an expanding reality.

: : The cost of commerce. In the old country they used
: : to wall the cities, and erect toll-booths in order
: : to come to the market place.

: Good idea! I'll collect the money. You watch for good looking heathen women.
You mean you are not already collecting?
I thought you needed the fruits of production
in order to have a pillow.
Looking for heathen women, those not of the class
"Religious People", is that a recommendation of yours
in order to maximize your collections?
Breed to the fullest extent so that the OFFSPRING

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