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Posted by Henry T. Liberty on February 06, 1998 at 18:24:34:

In Reply to: Fed Tax Lien posted by jack on February 06, 1998 at 05:10:17:

Send away for an Individual Master File copy as anotated by the Federal Alcohol Administration located in San Juan, Puerto Rico. (USC, Title 5, section 552a, FOIA) This file is maintained by an private agency operating on behalf of the first citizen of the UNITED STATES, Known by the initials of IRS.

Once you decode this IMF, you will probally notice that this is a computer generated file. Computer Fraud, is a criminal act. ( USC Title 18, Start with section 1001) If you are a licensed purveyor by the UNITED STATES in a regulated activity, then you do owe tax, otherwise a deliberate error has been encoded. (Commonly known as Fraud)

You will come to find out that this "Notice of Levy", a "lien" is purusant to the failure of a licensed purveyor of a regulated activity to pay all excise taxes due upon the priviledge licensed in a commerical activity regulated by the Federal Corporation.. (Alcohol, tobacco, and Firearms.)

Ask the "Agency" to produce the "Court Judgement". (A federal court would be a forgien judgement)

Most likely you are not the PERSON subject to, or liable thereof; you most likely have recieved misdirected mail. Locate all this misdirected correspondence, and send it back. Simply put, "It is not me."

You have been sent an offer, a Notice of Levy. Reference, Consent, Accept, and Acceptance, Black Law's Fourth Edition. ( used by the private Federal Corporate Courts.)

The first mistake is failure to seek administrative remedy. (Title 5, United States Code, Federal Administartive Procedures Act)

Secondly, note that the mark of the beast, known as a SSN number is the trail that led right to your doorstep. (Title 42, chapter 7) This is the nexus. Once you accpeted the SSN number, you are indentured to the Congress Assembled. Article 1, section 8, paragraph 17.

Question, what is the jurisdiction of the party attempting to lein private property? Is this property within the domain of the Corporate State. Is this property registed with the STATE OF . . . known as a cestui que trust.

Reference the STATE OF, annotated code, most likelly under the Article with reference to Estates, and Trusts. Then refer to Constructive Trust, Black Law 's Fifth, or Fourth Edition.

To truely protect private property, it must be in the private domain, not wrapped up in a constructive trust, (registed property with the STATE OF, is an operation of law, a fraud.)

You must release the fiduicary appointment of the Trustee. (the STATE OF).

If the agency (reference title 31,section 5313) has attached a "lein", seek administrative proof of the agency's jurisdiction. (Title 5, section 552 a is known as stautory discovery)

You must challenge jurisdiction of the party attempting to seize assetts. The Agency works under the Napoleonic Code. This actionable code is certainly a forgien jurisdiction.

The Congress Assembled is a rump Congress administering a Federal Democracy dependent upon the indenture of clients, (citizens, XIV amendement).

Read the STATE OF, voter registration application.

Secure the original SS-5 form from the Social Security Administration. (an FOIA request) This contract was not fully disclosed. Chances are you were a minor when this "Contract" was issued. What court will honour an obligation entered into by a minor? Then an affadavit of Revcation of signature. Remeber no master will willingly surrender its "property".

Fed Tax Lien. I don't file and these jerks are messing with me. Thanks Jack

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