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                       Forms W-4 and "WEC"

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Dear Neighbor,

First:  The Bad News

     We are  writing to  notify you  that failing  to  provide  a
Withholding Exemption Certificate ("WEC") to every worker on your
payroll, as  a necessary  alternative  to  the  W-4  form,  could
subject you, your company, or your accountant to charges of fraud
in the near future.  Confer at "fraud" in Black's Law Dictionary,
6th Edition,  for the legal definition (i.e. "failing to disclose
what SHOULD have been disclosed").

Now:  The Good News

     Many institutions  across this nation (both large and small)
have now  learned the truth about the voluntary nature of federal
income taxes,  and have  acted accordingly.    For  example,  key
liability statutes  are missing.   For more proof, use
on the Internet to search for "Withholding Exemption Certificate"
[sic], and take careful note of all domains in the resulting list
of web pages (e.g. California Franchise Tax Board has this form!)

     We  have   spent  the  past  12 years  doing  an  exhaustive
investigation of  the Internal  Revenue Code  ("IRC"), and we are
happy to report the results are now available -- FREE -- from the
Supreme Law Library on the Internet, at URL ("network address"):


     The 11th Edition of  our master  work, entitled "The Federal
Zone:  Cracking the  Code of Internal Revenue,"  is now available
in printed form, for only $54.95.  An order form and instructions
are available from Internet URL:


with a  link to  free copies  of all Appendices in this important

     For example, Appendix A now contains the winning court brief
which proves  the IRC's  income tax provisions are municipal law.
Hence, this  matter is  now res judicata ("the matter has already
been adjudicated," in Latin).  See Internet URL:

     An easy  entry point  into the  Supreme Law  Library is  the
Press Releases dealing with federal taxes.  See Internet URL:


     From there,  many links are provided to essential foundation
documents, such  as unrebutted  affidavits, supreme Laws, crucial
court pleadings, and "The Cooper File" which carefully traces the
historical genealogy of the IRS (actually Trust 62 in Puerto Rico
-- a  money laundry,  in fact).  "The Cooper File" is at Internet


     Our most popular document  in recent months has been "31Q&A"
-- "31 Questions and Answers about the Internal Revenue Service":


     For a modest handling fee,  we are happy to provide you with
a certified copy of this document, embossed with an original blue
ink signature, for general circulation and filing in court cases.

     As a  Counselor at  Law, qualified  Federal Witness, Private
Attorney General,  and Webmaster of the Supreme Law website, I am
happy to  provide you  and your company with private professional
services, tailored to your specific needs.

     We will  be happy to quote our professional rates, in prompt
reply to  all phone  calls and  email requests.  We enter 2-party
labor contracts  ONLY (no  W-4's, no  withholding agents,  no tax

     We have successfully exposed the IRS in several court cases,
and we  believe it  is now  only a  matter of  time  before  this
extortion racket is dismantled forever.

     Please be well, and may the new millennium shed a bright new
light on  America's true destiny, and on your unique role in that
exciting future.

     And, please  feel free  to forward  intact  copies  of  this
notice to anyone you choose.

Sincerely yours,

/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell

Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
Counselor at Law, Federal Witness,
and Private Attorney General

All Rights Reserved without Prejudice

p.s.  The Supreme Law Library is also accepting your
      generous financial donations (NOT tax deductible :)

      Let's spend our money in OUR country, where it belongs!

                             #  #  #

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