Re: More Historical Evidence (legal ruse + deception) of 2 Classes of Citizens

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Posted by Two Cities on September 14, 1998 at 11:58:27:

In Reply to: Re: More Historical Evidence (legal ruse + deception) of 2 Classes of Citizens posted by Martin on September 13, 1998 at 23:04:37:

My original entry preserved all spellings intact from the form.
I have my own questions with regard to U.S. (UdotSdot)
So the application and collection of 'voluntary' contracts
is used extensively. Similarities abound within all levels
of organized government. Some questions inserted below.

If the contractual process can work one way, can it not by
reciprocity work the other way.

I.e. how many men inform the "secretary of state", that they
have come home, as well as informing the "Secretary of State"
that they are leaving. With the irregular frequency of the
census, the "secretary" can hardly be expected to know.

Where are the signators "coming in from" at the first
time of signing a "Voter Registration Form"? The form
implicitely recognizes this "somewhere else", if it is used
as a foundation for a new status.

If they don't vote out in "somewhere else", it could
be explained by the fact that no elections are held,
publicised, organized, or perhaps they are held in private
among the known constituency in that part of the world.

: No one is forced by rule or regulation to be a U.S. ciitizen (a legal fiction).

: Are the old order Amish or Quakers U.S. citizens?
: I doubt it so much as to say that they are not U.S. citizens.

: They have their own form of government and take care of each other.

: What is the "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" (in proper legal style grammar)?
: Legally speaking it is an alien enemy occupying defacto statutorily created singular foreign corporation.

Some entities reserve the right to create among other things corporations.
Which entity granted "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" its corporate standing.
Does the corporation live on in absence of its 'creator'?
Probably. There are perhaps still recognized commercial ventures,
which originally received their corporate status from long since
defunct grantors of the corporate charter.

: This will only upset those who think with their feelings.

: The other class of Citizens (uppercase "C" denotes Deity) mentioned in this forum were over 21 free white Christian males with their taxes paid.

There were no upper-case Citizens on the form.

: They were the only ones allowed to vote or sit on a jury in the pastense former now non-existing Republic of America.

: They liked to buy and sell other humans including other poor white Christians. They believed that Mexicans, Indians, Blacks + Chinese were savages not to mention Jewish people.
: As is an undisputable fact "war is the source of law"; the above special Class of Citizens lost their political power after the 1861-65 war.
War is the source of many things.
Victory is the foundation of rule.

: It is a long story but one that will put you on the right track. No one wants to tell this true story.

: Today's Christians are not like some of those of the past.
: ===========================================

: : Sorry for the intrusion.
: : Kick me off again.
: : But this is far to interesting.

: : On a more contemporary document the following is
: : requested (A State of Washington Mail-In Voter
: : Registration Form) within a box:

: : A citizen of the United States of America
: : A legal resident of the State of Washington
: : and an age requirement

: : Further down on the form an affidavit is signed
: : stating some facts, such as "Last Name", "First Name",
: : etc. (get your own at the PO),
: : and a declaration of being a citizen of the United States,
: : as well as ascertaining the location of residency as
: : outlined by the form.

: : So the current power structure for some reason of legality
: : recognizes among other things the "United States of America",
: : sort of (it is in a box), but so are many other things.

: : What is this "United States of America"?

: : The execution of the affidavit, appears to move the signator
: : from having been a "citizen of the United States of America", to
: : becoming a citizen of the United States. The indicated address
: : is clearly outside of state venue.

: : The Secretary of State is the recipient of this document, and I
: : suppose he takes notice, according to his duties, and expatriates
: : the signator from the state and the United States of America into
: : the United States according to the wishes of the signator.
: : Don't forget, this has to be done to each and every one.

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