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Posted by Two Cities on October 25, 1998 at 11:35:23:

In Reply to: Re: Need help and advice with a COURT hearing posted by Followup on October 23, 1998 at 02:17:06:

The trap was sprung at the time an 'application for
"Certificate of Title"' was executed. And this was
indeed a voluntary application, presumably executed
with full knowledge and intent. As long as this contract
remains intact, it will be enforced. Removing the plates
does not cancel the contract. The door out for the seller
was to execute a report of the sale. The door in for
the buyer is the application.

What actual ownership the STATE holds by virtue of the first
title application is not clear to myself. But their
ownership role cannot be disputed. Apparently they receive
from the dealer the MSO in the event of the sale of a new
car, which then is converted to a vehicle. Without the MSO,
or a release from the STATE of their interest, full ownership
of the car does not exist. These releases are among other things
executed for cars that are 'junked' in an orderly fashion.

This operation appears to be similar in scope, to that of
'recording real property', the latter act of volition seems
to establish a conditional type of ownership, in return
for the advantages conferred by the recordation process.

Along these lines, both the "State of .." and the
"STATE OF .." maintains stringent rules of requirements
for residency, all of which will be established by
contract, express or implied. Availing oneself of the
proceeds issued by the "State of" or "STATE OF" for 'free'
establishes the contract implicitely. The LIBRARY card
confers residency, because it is only issued to RESIDENTS.

The presumption created by a DRIVERS LICENSE can be revoked
with a "Notice of voluntary surrender". These forms are pre-
printed and available from the licensing agency. Asked in one
place about a form for voluntary surrender of the "Title", but
at least this outlet was not aware of a procedural system.

The Voter Registration will also create a presumption of residency.
Unless revoked, it remains, and an expired or never renewed
DRIVERS LICENSE does not appear to entirely cancel the contract.

Observe the rules for privately imported cars, running on 'football'
plates from Germany, and other decals from other countries. The requirement
to register this property with the "STATE OF ..", hinges on Residency, or
RESIDENCY. So how does one support proof of non-residency.

File with the secretary of state, a statement of residency in the
organic state, and claim membership in the that body politic. Even
though it is under assault, by the others, proof of residency both
Without the "State of .." and WITHOUT the "STATE OF .." may help.

The similar treatment of ownership of real property,
and the subjugation of the means and methods of exchange
are also of interest.

: You can't be sovereign and a citizen at the same time.

: Tell us what authority recognizes the so-called "sovereign citizen".

: Matters of Equity do not have to be written contracts.

: Legal deception and ruse are not fraud.

: Certificate of Title. "A title for a motor vehicle is a security under 18 U.S.C. 2314 and 2315.

: Your motor vehicle is liened against the National Debt which means it is actually THEIR motor vehicle and you must register and license THEIR motor Vehicle.

: The POLICE COURT is enforcing code LAW.

: Forget it and grow up!

: : Find out if it is an action at law or equity. (before you plead). Demand a court of record, so you can appeal. Most traffic court settings are in truth merely administrative hearings. If it is an action at law, (which it won't be, but the court might slip), demand habeas corpus, there must be an injured party. Equity requires a contract, ask them when the heck you contracted with them for anything, a one sided contract is unconscionable, a fraud from inception. Last, but not least, make sure the court realizes that you are conducting yourself as a sovereign citizen, you govern yourself, and ADMIT YOU MADE AN ERROR, AND IT WILL NOT RECURR. If you were doing 100 mph on a Montana freeway during a clear day with no traffic, that's one thing. If it was raining, visibility was poor, the roads were crammed, you were doing a dramatically higher speed than most traffic and weaving in and out, I might not throw the book at ya, but I'd probably punch you out. With Liberty comes responsibility.

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