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Posted by Two Cities on September 13, 1997 at 11:32:32:

Received in the mail. Identities removed.

> Notice: "Recorded" at the county Auditor
> may mean fictional ownership of the property
> given over to the State, but "Filed for
> Record" retains all your rights. See below
> for evidence:

> Recently I stated in a post on the subject
> of recorded documents in the county
> Auditor's office that I did not think one
> should allow a record to be "Filed for
> record" as was recently done for a Homestead
> in Household declaration of mine.

> I have now determined that the term "filed
> for record" is used exclusively in Washington
> RCW re: religious marriage ceremonies
> (no mention of marriage license),
> land plat surveys, government appropriations
> of land, workman's liens, and other
> fundamental documents, and that the usually
> done "Recorded" process may in fact be the
> faulty and fraudulent process which gives
> property ownership over to the government,
> which property is then taxable as feudal rents.

> The odd thing is that no one I have met has
> seen a "filed for record" stamp used on
> documents in Washington until I recently got
> back a mandatory exemption by Homestead
> declaration document which I had paid silver
> to have recorded by the county auditor and
> retained my copy in hand with the "Recorded"
> stamp and number. When I got my filed copy
> returned to me it had the "Recorded" stamp
> crossed out by some unknown official and a
> "Filed for Record" stamp putalong side using
> the identical date, hour, and minute and the
> same filing number. This proves that they
> have both stamps prepared and on hand for use
> for different purposes.

> I have determined that "recording" is defined
> in RCW as "delivery" of a document to the
> auditor or registrar in his "proprietary role
> of custodian of public records", and "public
> records" (in RCW) means documents relating
> to ownership by the state.

> In technical meaning at common law "delivery"
> means giving property into the possession of a
> new owner. In addition, based upon my study
> of the English tenure system and my reference
> materials relating to Magna Carta and those
> tenures I have formed the conclusion that
> modern American property taxes are adopted from
> the principles of "Free Socage" or "Socage"
> and "fee farm" from English feudal law and "feu"
> holdings from Scottish law. This type of holding
> is referenced as "the great residuary tenure
> still originated by charter, followed by
> REGISTRATION (the modern equivalent of infeftment
> or feudal investiture), thus preserving an
> unbroken connection with the feudal conveyancing
> of the Middle Ages." Magna Carta, McKenhnie,
> Glasgow, Burt Franklin press, 1914.(CAPS added
> by me)

> My evidence indicates that most States enacted
> "Torrens Act" land registration schemes circa
> 1909 based upon the "Australian plan", and this
> registration is accomplished by "recording" a
> document.

> All "registrations" are voluntary and wholly
> voidable at any time by the owner by a document
> "recorded" which so demands removal from
> registration.

> So Recording equals registration which equals
> giving fictional ownership to the State under a
> fiction of feudal tenures, which is voluntary
> and voidable;

> BUT Filed for Record equals the common law
> public notice of your rights claimed and
> retained to yourself. The above may be why
> some States will only record certain types
> of documents among all those which could be
> "Filed for Record".

> Caveat: The above is how it is done in
> Washington. Check to see if there are both
> "Filed for Record" and "Recorded" processes
> at your own county auditor's office in your
> State, and reply to me so we can spread the
> word. If I am right this is how to remove
> all your property from the national
> bankruptcy and taxation. Remove it from
> "Recorded" or registered and place it in
> "Filed for Record".

> I have no way of expressing how important
> I believe the above information is short of
> hiring planes to sky write it all over the
> country.

> Your Servant,

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